As A Small Business Owner, Which Is The Most Important Form Of SEO To Focus On First?

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Written By Berry Mathew

If you are a small business owner and you are thinking about how you plan to market yourself online, you are likely feeling a little overwhelmed. For example, which digital marketing methods are the most valuable and is there a specific type of SEO that you should focus your attention on in the short-term? Read on and let’s find out!

What are the different types of SEO?

There are a number of different types of SEO, each serving a distinct purpose, for example:

  • Technical SEO: Technical SEO refers to the process of optimizing the back-end of your website for the best possible performance. It’s all about fixing things like Page Load Speed and ensuring that all of the content on your website is Indexed accordingly, etc.
  • On-page SEO: On-page SEO, as the name suggests, refers to the process of optimizing the website itself, such as the Home Page, with the appropriate Title and Meta tags, keyword placement, and sales copy. The purpose is to let both the user and Google know exactly what it is that you do / the products or services you provide.
  • Off-page SEO: Off-page SEO involves all of the off-site efforts that contribute to your long-term SEO standing (e.g., Link-building, guest blogging, video marketing, etc.).
  • Local SEO: And finally, there’s local SEO, which is identical to regular SEO in theory, only focusing on affecting the visibility for your website and GMB profile in local organic searches (e.g., Dallas SEO Company).

Which is the most important type of SEO for a small business owner?

Assuming that you are a small business owner and you benefit from receiving business from your local community, local SEO should without question be your first priority. This is because local SEO is both relatively inexpensive and rather easy to rank for in a short space of time – whilst also yielding impressive results in terms of ROI.

Why is local SEO so important?

If these local SEO stats aren’t enough to get you excited about the immense value of local SEO then we don’t know what will:

  • 46% of Google searches are seeking local information.
  • 72% of users who search locally visit a store within 5-miles.
  • 88% of all searches conducted on a mobile device visit a local business within 24-hours.

As you can see, there’s an awful lot of potential to be snatching up a great deal of business in your local area.

Let’s say that you offer Pest Control Services in Dallas; imagine if your business showed up at #1 in the local GMB listings every single time? It would be transformative for you!

The question is, how do you go about it?

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How to improve your local SEO?

The first step to bolstering your local SEO is claiming and filling out your GMB (Google My Business) profile. You must be meticulous when filling out the details on your GMB profile and go to great lengths to ensure that you accommodate every searcher’s needs with the appropriate NAP details, FAQs, imagery, video, and information.

Additionally, you should optimize your website for local keywords that best apply to your business, partner with local businesses, submit your website to a variety of local directories, and take part in your community as often as possible.

For the best results, it might be worth outsourcing your needs to a reputable third-party digital marketing agency. That way you can focus on providing your customers with the perfect products / services, while the experts focus their time on driving as much local traffic to your website as possible!