Attention Pittsburgh Homeowners

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Are you a resident of Pittsburgh Pa? We want to help you look for the best home buyers of Pittsburgh. There are plenty of companies in today’s market willing to give you an all-cash offer on your home. Pay attention when you decide to take this route on selling your home. We all want to get the most money for our property. Therefore, we do our research before just going with any company. What are some things we should look for in a home buying company? What questions should I ask? These are all things that will run through our thoughts once we decide to look for the right company. We also understand that selling a home could be very difficult process. This is the reason we reached out to local Pittsburgh home buyers to see what kind of response we got and how it all worked. When it comes time to sell for most homeowners they do not know where to turn. Obviously, we all want to choose the right company to sell our home too. We all want a painless fast closing with no Hassell closing, 

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Difference Between Cash & Market Sale

First thing we need to do is understand the difference between cash sale and listing with your local agent. When you contact your local real estate agent to get your property sold there are list of requirements, we need to have done to prepare us for the sale of our home. If you’re going to accept a buyer’s offer their will, be a contingency period. This means that the buyer’s lender has a period to inspect the house. This will most likely result in a list of things you will need to make repairs on your home. This also allows the buyer to back out of the deal if it doesn’t come back to their liking. Not only this may leave you high and dry without a buyer, but this could become costly to a homeowner looking to sell their home fast. Sometimes when selling your home time is of the essence. Let us say you decide to not want to take this route and want to go with a we buy houses company instead. Then you may be asking what is so good about this company and why I should choose them. We had someone contact a few different one of these companies to find out how their process worked. They are different from your traditional sale because they have the cash on hand or funds already available to buy your home. This way there is not a lender needing approval to purchase your home. They also purchase your home without making any repairs. This is because majority of these home buying companies do the work to these homes themselves. What we found helpful when it comes time to sell your home is that using a cash home buying company may be a better route then listing it on market. But then again it truly depends on what you are looking to get out of the sale. If you want the most money possible and do not mind waiting, then selling on market will be a better solution. If time is of the essence and your home is not in excellent condition, then selling to a cash home buyer will be a better solution. 

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Pittsburgh is a beautiful city it has just over 300,000 people that live here. It’s a descent size city, with a cross between mountainous regions and urban feel to it. It gets very cold here in the winter followed by a lot of snow dumped on this city from the great lakes. This call for harsh winters also may take a toll on the homes structures as well as the overall condition. Not only do you have harsh elements, but you have the factor of most of the houses in the are being built in the early 1900s. Being a homeowner here may have it difficult times. Many of the homes in this great city have issues with them. Causing for much of the area homeowners needing to sell fast. But when it comes time to sell we stumble upon what questions should we ask

Questions To Ask

When you decide the right company, you are going to ask you should ask as many questions as possible. We will provide you with a few important ones to always ask. One you should always ask them what projects they have done in the area? This way it shows you proof that they have other projects they have worked on close to you. Another question you should ask for is a proof of funds. Any legitimate company should be able to provide this for you at any given moment. If they cannot provide this for you then they do not have the funds to purchase. You may also ask them where they plan to have closed and obtain the deed. They should let you know the name and address of the title company you should have settlement at. This will ensure that you get paid on the sale of your home. These are all things you should be asking any home buying company before agreeing to sell your home to them. Make sure that you have a lawyer or local agent read over any contract that you are presented with. If you feel comfortable reading over the contract yourself then you should discuss with them a closing date. If you want to close fast, then express that to the company you are dealing with let them know how fast or how long you would like to close. Time may be a factor if you are selling to the right company then they should have no problem closing on your time frame. Remember you are the only one who makes the decision on selling. Make sure it is done right so there is no confusion or mistakes that happen when you make it close to settlement time.