Belize: A Tropical Paradise for Your LLC

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Written By Charlotte Miller

The choice of a jurisdiction for company registration has never been easy as there are a lot of factors to be taken into account. It’s like buying a car: you need to choose a convenient one that you will drive for years, and the company you operate should provide just as much convenience, too. In this short post, we propose to focus on Belize, a really good business destination that offers great incentives. We will also discuss why an LLC is better than an IBC in this particular case.

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Why LLC?

Belize is a great jurisdiction in many respects: in addition to being a stunningly beautiful natural sanctuary, it is also an excellent country for asset protection, business, and banking. But why do we insist on LLC and not recommend other available options? Here are the reasons we rely on:

  • A Belize LLC is completely exempted from taxes if 100% of its profits are generated abroad.
  • A Belize LLC owner is under no obligation to submit annual financial reports or tax returns, or hold annual general meetings.
  • The liability of company members is limited by their contribution (the number of shares in their possession).
  • There is a lot of flexibility in planning the structure and activities of your LLC
  • A Belize LLC can be fully owned by a foreign national.
  • There is no threshold for minimum authorized capital in Belize: you can start your company with 1 dollar in your pocket.
  • You will not need to apply for a TIN to operate your company.
  • There are no economic substance requirements in Belize, so you will have less maintenance costs.
  • If you worry about asset protection, Belize offers one of the best legal frameworks in the world for this purpose.
  • The costs of company setup and maintenance are quite reasonable.
  • The confidentiality level that Belize offers is as high as possible in the present-day world.

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Belize LLC Incorporation: Costs

You can use our turnkey package to get a fully operational company in Belize online at a reasonable fee of USD 2950. We will provide a full package of company documents, such as a Certificate of Formation, Register of Directors/Members, Articles of Association, a registered address in Belize, and delivery of original corporate documents to your address.

There are additional services you can order at a separate fee, such as help with opening a business account for your LLC, providing a professional director, notarization, and so on.

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Let’s look at the benefits of an LLC as compared to an IBC in Belize:

  • An LLC is not required to get a TIN, while an IBC is.
  • With an LLC, you will not have to worry about any economic substance requirements, while these are mandatory if you form an IBC.
  • An LLC owner can keep accounting records in any country, while an IBC owner is required to keep them in Belize.
  • LLC members can hold their meetings in any country outside Belize.
  • In the eyes of the EU and OECD, an LLC is not considered a risky form of business, while an IBC is.
  • One non-resident is sufficient to form an LLC in Belize.
  • You can start an LLC with any amount of share capital.
  • Finally, if you need professional directors/shareholders for your LLC to ensure more confidentiality, you can do so (unlike IBC).
  • An IBC needs to submit audited financial reports, while an LLC does not have this obligation.

As you see, we recommend an LLC just because you will have less trouble operating it. However, if you have some serious reasons to start an IBC, you can discuss them with our expert.

Belize LLC: Limitations

LLCs formed in Belize have their limitations under the 2011 Belize International Companies Act:

  • They cannot obtain profits from the residents of Belize
  • They cannot possess real property as a sole owner
  • They cannot own securities of any Belizean company
  • They cannot issue any securities using the name of a Belize resident

If some of these restrictions are critically important for your business, please discuss the situation with our specialist, and we are sure to find a way out.

LLC in Belize: Requirements

Here are the main requirements you will have to meet to successfully form an LLC in Belize:

  • Make sure the company name reflects the business structure (add an abbreviation LLC).
  • You will need a local office (address) and a registered agent.
  • You will need at least one member and one manager to form a company in Belize (residency is not important, and these can be individuals or legal entities).
  • A secretary is optional.
  • You are not obliged to declare your worldwide income, but you will have to pay a state fee to register/renew your company.


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