Best Banks For International Travel And Best Prepaid Debit Cards

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Written By Charlotte Miller

When traveling internationally, having a reliable and convenient payment method is essential. Using cash can be risky and carrying large amounts can be tiring. Credit cards are widely accepted but often have high fees and interest rates.

Debit cards can be a good option, but not all banks offer international debit card services. International prepaid cards visa can be a great alternative for those who want to avoid credit card fees or the hassle of opening a new bank account.

In this article, you can have a better idea about the best banks for international travel and where to get a prepaid visa card for international use. Let’s start with the banks.

Best International Banks

In this section, you can find the best international banks in Europe, the USA, and Asia. Let’s start with Europe’s best banks for international travel.

TransferWise: The United Kingdom

Despite not being a bank technically, Transferwise offers a banking service, especially for freelancers and digital nomads. It’s almost the best bank in Europe for foreigners because it enables you to keep your money in over 30 currencies. You can get paid in various currencies as well.

Also, you don’t pay a monthly fee if you have a Transferwise account which is considered the best international online bank for many. You can receive money through this portal from more than 80 countries without paying any fee. Transferwise also allows you to use currency conversion with the actual exchange rates.


Capital One 360: United States, USD

Capital One 360 is an online bank that doesn’t entail monthly maintenance fees. It has a great customer support and a Capital One checking account is another attractive feature of this bank. This account has strong rates and this also doesn’t charge a monthly fee.

So, international travelers in the US can benefit from this bank in a great way. 360 Capital One checking account also provides a Capital One 360 debit card. What’s more, no opening balance is required by this bank.

HSBC Everyday Global Account: Australia

One of the best banks for international travel is HSBC. Its Everyday Global Account is the first multi-currency travel account in Australia. One of the advantages of this account is that there are no foreign transaction fees.

Also, the exchange rates are very reasonable. Residents of Australia can open their accounts online. It’s considered the best bank for travelers and one of the reasons for this is the zero set-up cost. Also, there are no monthly or yearly costs either, and ATM fees are not available.  

Best International Prepaid Debit Cards

After an overall review of the best banks for international travel, you can look at some of the best prepaid debit cards worldwide.

So, what is an international prepaid visa card? It’s similar to a debit card in function. However, there’s no overdraft that you’ll deal with. With a prepaid card, you can withdraw money from ATMs, and make payments in stores. Also, you’re not affected by the exchange rate fluctuations and extra fees related to them. Let’s now take a look at some of the popular international prepaid visa cards.


This is a German online bank that’s considered one of the best international prepaid debit cards. If you’re a resident of the UK, US, or Europe, you can open your N26 account. It provides a smart card, and you can use it for international spending. One of its advantages is that you’re not required to hold your money in foreign currency or exchange it. This prepaid card international enables you to spend by using the Visa exchange rates. What’s more, without any extra fees and markups.

Wise Multi-Currency Debit Card

Wise is another online bank that provides a prepaid card for international use. Residents of Europe, the UK, the US, Australia, and New Zealand can benefit from this card’s benefits. Opening your online Wise Multi-Currency Account is free.

After the account opening, you can get your Wise best debit card for international travel. In this account, you can keep more than 40 currencies. It also allows you to convert currencies by using the mid-market exchange rate. Also, you can withdraw up to $250 monthly for free. If you wonder where to get a prepaid visa card for international use, you can request it after creating your account.


Another best debit card to use abroad is Revolut. Residents of Canada, Australia, the US, the UK, EEA, Singapore, and Switzerland can benefit from it. This international prepaid visa card allows you to keep and exchange between 28 currencies. What’s more, you can spend in more than 150 currencies if you link your card accordingly.

So, if you wonder where to get a prepaid visa card for international use, you can open an account with one of these banks. Then, you can get international prepaid credit cards. There’s not one best bank account for traveling, but there are several, so apply the most suitable one for you and enjoy the benefits!