Best NYC Locations for Service Businesses

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Written By Charlotte Miller

New York City has long been regarded as one of the international business hubs. Nothing has changed in its recent history. This great city is the third largest economic center in the US. However, it is an iconic place and its metropolitan area is the largest urban economy in the states. Its five boroughs and over 12 million inhabitants make it a prime location for starting up and growing a successful business in one of many industries and sectors in this city. NYC is the financial, banking, and information hub that is primarily about providing services and developing service-related businesses. As such it is a great place to start or move your business to. If you are in this field of work you should explore more about NYC Locations for Service Businesses.

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All about business

New York has always been about business. From its days as a Duch trading post, it has always developed it’s business and economy. Today it is a diverse market with its own culture, demographics, and business sectors. This makes it a prime location for businesses of all kinds. From multinational companies to small entrepreneurs all sorts of businesses have their place here. So, what does NYC have to offer? What makes it a great place to do business?

  • Population. NYC has a large population and manually over 20 million people fluctuate through the city. This is a substantial pool of potential customers for an almost limitless offer of goods and services.
  • Easy access to merchandise. As a port city, it offers easy access to any type of merchandise from all over the world.
  • Hub location for different businesses and industries. Its large population and its diversity provide support to many specialized businesses and industries. Small niche businesses and service providers thrive here.
  • Commercial and residential needs. This large and hectic city makes it perfect for the development of any type of service business. Whether providing residential services like child care, laundry, or transportation or business like catering any service business can survive here.

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Types of service business

With such a diversity of this city finding a business idea with good potential is easy. There are plenty of needs and wants in this market to cater to and thus plenty of opportunities. This is why there is room for both big companies and entrepreneurs in this market. What you should know is that NYC is mostly recognized for its financial services and as a financial hub. However, following closely as the biggest GDP contributors are other service industries. First and foremost these are Healthcare, Professional Business Services, Retail, and Educational service. Besides these manufacturing in NYC is also a big generator of GDP.

So it is clear that NYC holds a large potential, especially for service-related businesses. With proper knowledge starting up a successful business here can be relatively easy. However, whether starting fresh or moving your business the question is where to locate it. What are some of the best NYC Locations for Service Businesses?

  • The Financial District
  • Hudson Square
  • Upper West Side
  • Williamsburg

The Financial District

The Financial District is the staple of NYC and the main location that makes it a global financial hub. It is the bearer of New York tradition and reputation as a financial center if the US. The District is located in Manhattan and connected to Wallstreet. It is the bearer of New York tradition and reputation as a financial center if the US. This is a busy financial hub with plenty of corporate headquarters and accompanying service businesses. From banking to information services, technology, and legal services you can find any possible company located here. This area is full of commercial property and offices on offer. Finding offices can be pricy here, luckily there is an offer of fully serviced offices you can use here. As such this is a prime location to grow any type of business especially ones providing services.

Hudson Square

Hudson Square is located in Lower Manhattan and is a neighborhood that is rapidly growing in recent years. This NYC neighborhood is a dynamic mix of both residential and business real estate. This is a place for teaming with start-up companies as well as many established businesses. Here service companies have a lot of potentials to work and develop. This place attracts mostly publishing agencies, media, and public relations businesses.

Explore New York more in search of your perfect business location / NYC Neighborhood

Upper West Side

This neighborhood is more of a residential area. It offers a more suburban feel than that hectic busy lifestyle of other business areas in NY. It is a home and a place to go to schools, shop, and live a more common and relaxed everyday life. This is what makes the place a prime market for many residential services and businesses that locate here.

However, keep in mind that you have to team up with professionals to handle your commercial move properly. Settling in your business and adapting to your new Upper east side location quickly will depend on your movers. Make sure that they can provide adequate help and assistance with your moving-in and unpacking process.


Located in Brooklyn Williamsburg is a neighborhood that offers an artsy feel. This place is a vibrant mix of different arts, cultures, and music. In recent years it is also a place that is home to many IT service companies. In addition, it is buzzing with many restaurants, clubs, and music venues. Today it is a place with a  developed market for all sorts of service businesses. From commercial to residential there is a lot that any service company can gain from this NYC neighborhood.

Final words

It is clear that New York is a place of great business opportunities. It is a large market with great needs for diverse services and goods. There is room here for many different businesses to relocate or start up fresh. However, keep in mind to explore NYC Locations for Service Businesses before you settle in. This will help you find the best location and market for your services.