Blackout curtain buying guide

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Written By Charlotte Miller

A guide to locating the very finest blackout drapes

1: what are some characteristics of an effective blackout curtain?

An excellent blackout curtain will completely obstruct the view outside. It really depends on what you’re going for; some people want an effect that completely blocks out the light, while others would rather have some natural light flowing in, especially when they first get up in the morning.

For this reason, we provide a variety of options, ranging from room darkening curtains, which block out 90–95% of the light, to blackout curtains, which are primarily available in darker colors, all the way up to total blackout curtains, which block out 100% of the light (available in all colors, even white). The ability of our curtains to completely obstruct any and all night lights emanating from the street is of the utmost significance.

2 – what makes blackout curtains so effective?

The type of fabric that is utilized for blackout curtains is the single most important factor in their effectiveness. All of our dim-out and blackout fabrics are woven and textile.

The blackout effect, which can range from 90% to 100%, is achieved by inserting a black yarn in the midst of the two sides of the fabric. This effect is dependent on the color of the fabric as well as the structure of the fabric.

Because of this, we have arranged all of the curtains according to their performances. For instance, a dim-out curtain or blackout curtain in light hues like eggshell or white can block out 90% to 95% of the available light in the room.

Either a coated fabric curtain or a blackout curtain in a dark hue will do the job of completely obstructing the passage of light through the window (in any color). Moondream’s 100% total blackout curtains create a complete blackout effect throughout the whole color spectrum and are designed to offer the highest level of protection from sunlight.

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3 – how are drapes that block out the light made?

We employ a three-pass coated fabric in addition to a 100% textile fabric that is woven with black yarn. Both of these fabrics are woven.

The performance of each curtain is governed, as described in point 2, by the fabric itself, and subsequently by the colour as well.

4 – what is the proper way to hang blackout curtains?

Grommets are used extensively in the construction of our moondream light-blocking curtains. This feature makes it very simple to hang the curtains. Simply bear in mind that the inside diameter of the grommet is 1.6 inches when you are selecting the curtain rod that you will use.

  1. Do white blackout curtains actually block out light?

Depending on the orientation of the room, our white blackout curtain may block out between 90 and 95 percent of the available light (where the sun rises).

But if you choose our white 3-pass coated blackout curtain, it will completely obstruct the light from entering the room in any direction, regardless of the room’s orientation.

Our white blackout curtains come in a variety of widths and tones of white, and they are appropriate for use with a wide range of window shapes.

6 – do blackout curtains save money on their energy bills?

The custom blackout curtains, like any other type of curtain, will serve to some degree to insulate the room from outside noises and light. Remember that if you truly need to insulate a space, the best choice of the curtain to make would be one that combines blackout and thermal properties.

You will be able to completely block out the light while also benefiting from this curtain’s insulating properties. For further information, kindly refer to our buying guide for thermal curtains.

7: are soundproof blackout curtains possible to find?

Absolutely not, because they are far too slender and lightweight for something of that nature. Please have a look at our soundproof curtains that combine a blackout curtain and sound insulation into one convenient package for your consideration. They provide insulation against sound as well as light, heat, and cold.

  1. What is the main distinction between a room-darkening curtain and a blackout curtain?

The blackout effect of a blackout curtain can reach up to one hundred percent. A room darkening curtain may block out anywhere from 90% to 95% of the available light in the room. 

Please refer to our comparison table in order to determine which curtain will effectively block the amount of light that is necessary for your space.

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9 – are the blackout curtains hazardous to your health?

We decided to utilize textiles that are certified by oeko-tex. The oeko-tex system is an independent testing and certification program that is renowned all over the globe for its application to the textile industry. Standard 100 by oeko-tex® evaluates the curtain fabric to determine if it was manufactured without the utilization of any potentially hazardous chemicals.

10 – do newborns need to have drapes that completely block out the light?

They are not required, but including them in the room will make it more peaceful and conducive to getting a good night’s rest.

11 – can you wash drapes that completely block out the light?

The moon dream blackout soundproof curtains may, in fact, be laundered, but only at a low temperature and using the gentle cycle of the washing machine. The most crucial thing is to check that the grommets are resistant to rust, and we’ve made sure that ours are.

12 – can you iron drapes that completely block out the light?

Yes, double-check the breakdown of the material, and make sure the washer is set at the appropriate temperature.

13 – can blackout drapes be washed using a dry cleaning solvent?

Yes, they are able to, and it is the way of cleaning that we recommend using to prevent any damage or negative influence on the functioning of the product.