Business 101: How to come up with a restaurant name

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Written By Charlotte Miller

There are a lot of different factors you need to consider when opening a new restaurant business. You should be asking what type of menu you will offer your target customers. What cuisine type is your go-to menu style? 

Or even, what type of interior design are you going to incorporate in your restaurant? To add, you should also ask what kind of QR code menu software you will use to streamline your services.

Aside from these questions, another big decision you need to consider is the name of your restaurant. This is the “make-it-or-break-it” dilemma that needs to be addressed to keep your business going.

So, here are some recommendations for restaurant name ideas!

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Tips for naming your restaurant

You do not just pick out random names for your restaurant. This should be a well-thought-of name since it reflects your values, mission, vision, goals, and concepts and connect with your target patrons.

Take a look at these focus concepts in naming your restaurant: 

  1. Simplicity. 
  2. Appeal to the emotion; and, 
  3. Well-researched concept.

These concepts will guide you in creating a restaurant name that reflects your branding and connects to your target customers.

  • Simplicity

Keep everything simple when coming up with a name for your restaurant. This will make your business easy to remember for your target customers. 

For instance, if you come up with a too-complex name, it will make it seem overwhelming for customers to memorize. 

Hence, you can create a restaurant name that is easy to spell and remember for your customers. 

Make your restaurant simple and engaging to customers, so there is still an interaction between business and customers through restaurant naming. 

For example, you can name your restaurant easily, like Chick’N Flicks, where you serve unlimited chicken wings through an interactive menu QR code while your customers dine in to watch movie series. The name is simple and easy to memorize.

  • Appeal to the emotions

There are different ways to appeal to your target customers’ emotions by naming your restaurant. 

You can relate the name of your restaurant through the location of your store, the name of your parents or grandparents, or even the merged names of you and your business partner. 

Aside from that, you can also appeal to your customers’ emotions by naming your restaurant related to your mission, vision, and goals.

For instance, you might want to set up a restaurant for a good cause and donate your proceeds to cancer centers. You can create a restaurant name related to cancer and your cancer patients. 

Connect your restaurant name and meaning with a deep story behind the comforting business.

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  • Well-researched concept

Aside from the simplicity and appeal to emotional tactics in naming your restaurant, you can also adapt to a well-researched concept to develop an idea for your business.

Doing so can avoid giving your business a name that other competitors have already trademarked. 

Hence, you can research and look for some ideas that will help you create a unique name for your restaurant. 

Aside from that, a well-researched concept also takes after using humor in naming a restaurant business. Otherwise, coming up with a name without a striking feature will make the business presence disappear.

You can also play with jokes or puns in creating a restaurant name. However, make sure to be careful in making up a restaurant name since this will most likely have similar concepts from other competitors.

Final thoughts

Do you need more ideas to create a restaurant name for your business? Always remember to keep it simple. Always make sure to appeal to your customers’ emotions. And lastly, ensure it is a well-researched concept to have a unique brand for your business.