BuyRealGramViews: A Quick Recap Of How To Begin With An Instagram Blog

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Instagram is not just an application to display only lifestyle pictures. It is also a place to create a good blog and how your brand/business. You can significantly work on the application to make your brand expand by all means. Instagram might not work for every possible business, but it will work more than your expectation. Instagram is performing well in home renovations, decorating,  travel, food and beverage, parenting, cooking, crafting, and fashion. These are a few most prevalent categories that we come across in our daily lives. In this competitive economy, plenty of bloggers create quality content on various trending topics. Banking, finance, books, automobiles, art, music, hunting, parenting, beverages, tourism, etc., are all the recent trending categories right now.  

The percentage of men using Instagram is indeed more than women on Instagram. It values around 51+ percentage of men and 48+ percent of women under the age group of 28. If you are a blogger and don’t have an Instagram account, you seem to be missing out on something exciting. The features of Instagram are highly effective compared to other social media sites. Story feature has been more efficient in recent times. You can promote your blog using this feature on Instagram. You can also buy Instagram story views for your stories to make your account go viral. The following will help you know more about working on an Instagram blog. 

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  1. Open An Instagram Account

Set up an Instagram account right away. It’s unpaid. Open a separate account for the Instagram blog if you already have a private account. Make sure to choose a username that is successful (it should relate to your company) and to utilize the bio to its full potential.

Although there isn’t much room, you can include your website, contact information, or a link to the most recent blog post you published on the firm’s blog space. You can also add the blog link to the bio if you have posted it on another blogging network. Shortening hyperlinks using free tools can be pretty beneficial. Making an Instagram business profile could be more advantageous based on the industry. This choice makes sense if your business isn’t strongly connected to a personal story or if it may have many users.

  1. Always Focus On Your Niche And Stick To It

What is your specialty or area of interest? If your professional or personal blog focuses solely on the various side businesses you try, stick to your niche. Everything you post on Instagram should be about jobs, side businesses, and other ways to get money. This also applies to Instagram stories. The audience will be confused or might turn off if you write about the greatest gender-neutral baby gear in one piece and DIY home plumbing hacks in another. Do not keep changing your niche. This might make viewers feel irritated. 

It’s always competitive and crowded on Instagram. Getting followers takes effort, and once they do, they have specific expectations for the information on your Instagram updates. If your content is very natural and personal by nature, you can opt to go with autobiography kinds of stuff. But always stay focused on your niche. Create blogs relevant to your niche, promote them accordingly, and take the help of BuyRealGramViews to make it hit a bigger crowd. 

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  1. Engage Your Followers And Other Users

Utilize the Instagram application to interact with others. Check on their social media handles and follow them. Observe their attractive photos. Tag them on a few updates. Have a Q&A session often. You can still run competitions and giveaways even if it would be difficult for a new site to secure a paid, sponsored post. Perhaps it’s a complimentary gift card or sample for your company. You might also want to encourage folks to identify two friends who might need a surprise boost of sunshine because a bunch of roses made you happy, and you want to spread the happiness.

There are several methods for producing interesting stuff. Just make sure to come up with a wide range of content. Few people will check on your stories; others will directly get to your page. So ensure that you are regularly updating. If you are not active for so long and break from a proper posting schedule, you might lose followers gradually. Not just the followers, even Instagram will decide to display your content only based on your regularity in posting. So if you do not post in routine, the app might stop displaying your content to viewers widely. 


Whether you have a WordPress account or blog, do not skip to growing your followers and engaging with people on Instagram. Having a good fanbase on Instagram would help you stay popular. You can also check out BuyRealGramViews to bring more fans and followers to your Instagram profile. If you are a business blogger, you could use Instagram’s traffic and potential for the future. You can attempt this snowballing visual application even if you haven’t blogged before.