Challenges Faced By ERP In The Indian Education System

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Written By Charlotte Miller

The quest of becoming digitally able and making the education system future-ready is going like never before. Every school and educational institute is installing an LMS and school ERP system to teach and operate online. These are the technologies which can help the school administration to teach students online and run their daily operations with ease and promptly.

A learning management system (LMS) is the software which is used to create, distribute and track the online course content. It allows the teachers to create online courses from scratch.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the software system used to manage the daily activities of the school, fees collection, student admission and information collection, communication, salary payout and much more. ERP helps to do all these tasks online without any hassle and in less time.

However, despite being so beneficial, execution of ERP software faces many challenges. And because of these challenges, schools and students couldn’t take full advantage of this technology.

In the article, we are going to discuss the issues faced in the use of ERP and how they can be resolved.

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Incomplete Information: Many schools fail to get the desired results even after using the ERP because they don’t make an informed decision while choosing the ERP for their institute. There are various types of ERPs in the market, and they all offer different services, as per the needs of the different organisations. And here many organisations make mistakes, they choose the wrong ERP which is not apt for the needs of their organisations.

SOLUTION: Before selecting any ERP know about all its features and services offered by it. Compare its features with the needs and long-term goals of your organisation. Having a few different features is acceptable, but don’t choose an ERP which doesn’t help you fulfil your goals. Furthermore, get all the information about the technical services and customer support services that the vendor will provide. Check the reviews of software and vendors. 

Data Migration: ERP software is used to manage the day-to-day activities of the school, for that it needs access to the school data. Like student’s admission documents, teacher and staff information, fees amount details, records of current and alumni students, previous year’s financial books and much more. All this data and school organisations have to make decisions on which data to upload to the ERP database and which should be left. 

SOLUTION: This whole data migration can be easy once the school decides what kind of information they want to disseminate to the users. For example, providing at least the previous 2 years’ data is a must. Whether it’s student data or financial year data. After deciding this, the data migration process can be sorted and get started.

Improper Training: Although schools and education institutes are getting ready for digital transformation, the teachers still need proper training for using ERP and other technologies. Not having appropriate training and qualification in software like ERP is the major reason for its failure. If teachers and other staff don’t know how to operate and use different features of ERP, then how will they be able to teach students and perform their daily tasks?   

SOLUTION: It should be made mandatory for the school organisation to train teachers and staff before installation of ERP in the school. Ask the software vendor for help, to conduct workshop sessions for the teachers. During this session, they should be made familiar with ERP and its features. It’s also the responsibility of teachers to learn and practice using ERP, if they want to teach students and do their daily tasks.  

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Students’ Unaccountability: Many schools don’t see the positive result of ERP because their students don’t use it responsibly for their education. They don’t take online courses and assignments seriously and thus, don’t get the learning benefits of the ERP. 

SOLUTION: Students need to become accountable for their learning and should understand that ERP for schools, India’s only hope of going fully digital in the education sector. And this will ultimately be advantageous for their education and future. Thus, students must get accustomed to the uses and importance of ERP software for better academic results.