Choosing The Right Explainer Video Company: Our Top Picks

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Animated explainer videos are highly effective tools for businesses and organizations to communicate their ideas, engage their audiences, and increase engagement in the digital age. The power of a brand-animated explainer video cannot be overstated, whether you’re trying to introduce a new service, explain a complicated product, or share the history of your company. Choosing the best-animated explainer video company to realize your vision is essential to reaching these objectives.

In this blog, we’ll examine a few of the best explainer video companies. We will also go over the considerations that should be made before selecting a video production company.

Choosing The Right Company- Tips And Considerations

  1. Communication and Approachability

Communication is the key to building a successful and transparent relationship with the service provider. The animation company you choose should be professional enough to communicate, know how to break the ice, and understand your brand. The company should be able to respond quickly and be transparent with their intentions and work methods.

When the production company has the right approach, you can see the results withinthe craft they deliver. The goals of your brand and their working should always be aligned before getting started!

  1. Budget Consideration

Budget consideration is one of the main elements when choosing a video production company. The money spent on the entire process from finding the right video explainer company to creating compelling videos is an investment that you make for better ROI. Hence, it is essential to select a company that best suits your budget but ensure that you get what is promised within the same budget and timeline.

  1. Quality Of The Videos

When considering a company to create your video content, it is crucial to research their past video productions. Evaluating the quality of their work involves a comprehensive assessment of elements such as scriptwriting, illustrations, animations, and voiceovers. It is important to ensure that the company can meet your specific requirements and is capable of accommodating the desired level of customization for your videos.

Scriptwriting should be precise and engaging, with a dynamic mix of emotions. Animations and illustrations should be creative and unique for a memorable visual narrative.

  1. Turnaround Time

Turnaround time, or the turnaround rate, refers to the duration within which a company can successfully complete a project. It is essential that the turnaround time aligns with or is completed before the scheduled publishing date of the content. Selecting a video production company that can meet your specific time constraints is paramount for ensuring the timely delivery and deployment of your project.

The Top Video Explainer Companies You Should Know of

  1. MotionGility

MotionGility is an animated explainer video company headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, and Indore, India, since 2019. This company is excellent for making your services stand out and delivering visible business benefits at an affordable price. MotionGility deeply analyzes the client’s requirements and ensures that the animation explainer videos align with their motives and requirements, providing top-notch quality and high-quality videos. They have a defined animated explainer video production workflow to ensure swift planning and execution.

  1. Explain Ninja

Explain Ninja specializes in producing high-quality animated videos that feature vibrant and colorful motion graphics elements. They also offer multilingual voiceovers, complete music production, logo animation, and sound FX.

Explain Ninja works with companies, agencies, and startups across various industries like crypto & blockchain, finance, healthcare, marketing, real estate, eCommerce, fintech, and more.

  1.  Demo Duck

Demo Duck is one of the leading cartoon and animated video production companies in the United States. The animated video production company creates highly creative, custom-animated explanatory videos that hook the target audience.

Demo Duck’s animated video production services rely on 2D animation production and 3D animation production. It specializes in Animation and Live Action video production. They also create commercial videos, social media videos, internal communication videos, and educational and customer testimonial videos.

  1. Think Mojo

ThinkMojo creates unique animated videos for educational, editorial, support, advertising, and other purposes. They make various animations, including educational videos, social media videos, ads, short films, video presentations, and series. Thinkmojo specializes in creating visually appealing videos that blend with the brand’s character and can produce various educational commercials and personalized videos in different styles. They are best known for their work with big tech companies and can create videos for any big or small company.


Choosing the right explainer video company can have a significant impact on the success of your business. It can either help you reach new heights or set you back if you make the wrong choice. This decision is crucial and can influence the future of your company or brand.

With no shortage of creative video companies available, it’s important to conduct a thorough analysis of your options to make an informed decision that perfectly aligns with your needs and goals.