Collaborative Family Lawyers Help Keep Divorced Families Together

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Getting a divorce might be the best decision for parents, but it has an intense and long-lasting impact on kids, no matter their age. While the parents may move on and live separate lives, they never stop being parents.

The difficult early days of the divorce can set the tone for the years to come. Let’s explore how collaborative lawyers help streamline divorce proceedings and help give families a solid foundation moving forward.

Collaboration Helps Kids

No matter what caused the rift between parents preceding their separation, they each still maintain their commitment to raising their kids. Some splits are amicable, and others are heated, but seeing that your ex prioritizes their child can help reduce any tension. There may be bickering or fierce feuding, but that’ll be a major relief.

The best legal experts working with a collaborative approach, like the family lawyers at Tailor Law, help clients secure what’s best for their child, even if it means granting a concession to the other parent where it’s suitable.

For example, if their father has a specific skill or a job in an industry their child loves, no collaborative lawyer will ever deprive the child of the contact that would cement their bond. Such genuine overtures aimed at the child’s best interests help build back badly needed trust.

Assuaging any doubts about a long-term commitment to co-parenting early in the divorce process helps to build a healthy foundation moving forward.

Divorce is Quicker, Less Expensive

Vindictive people going through a divorce may weaponize the process, drawing it out to deliberately drain the person they’re separating from of money, time, and energy. Collaborative lawyers want the exact opposite for their clients because, in long divorces, everyone loses.

However, divorce can be a long, drawn-out process, even when everyone intends on wrapping it up quickly. Collaborative lawyers specialize in streamlining the process so their clients can continue moving forward in their professional and personal lives without the divorce hanging over their heads.

Practical things like money aside, divorce is emotionally draining. If there’s ever a time you want to get back on your feet rather than sorting through paperwork, it’s during a divorce. You’ll be grateful to have an experienced professional to navigate you safely and quickly to the other side.

Tough When Needed

No two divorces are the same, and it’s impossible to force the other side to respond in a helpful, reasonable way. If they reject the positive tone and genuine attempts to do right by the children, a collaborative lawyer can pivot to toughness.

Of course, representing your client’s best interests means maximizing their asset split, custody, spousal and child support, and other vital terms. Parents need to feel financially secure to be good co-parents moving forward, and collaborative lawyers ensure their clients get what they deserve.

Divorce is never an easy thing, but it can be significantly quicker and better if you get a family lawyer intent on building bridges. If this is your goal, you need to hire a collaborative family lawyer.

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