Content And Lifehacks To Increase Conversions In An Online Store

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Written By Berry Mathew

Online business lovers know how important it is to achieve high traffic and sales growth, as well as to convert a regular visitor into a customer. Many means and as many tricks are spent on this: SEO optimization, external content marketing, checked proxies, and other methods of promotion, which are not always effective. And for any business owner, the main goal remains: to increase sales with minimal expenses. 

Understanding this, we decided to gather together the best methods of increasing the conversion of an online store. Having tested effective ways to increase the level of sales not only on client projects but also on yourself, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with them further.

Effective Methods of Increasing the Conversion of an Online Store

Increasing site conversion means ensuring sales. If there is not enough time or money to conduct A/B testing of innovations in your online store, proven cases of successful companies will come to your aid. There are many such methods, but we singled out the main ones. Similar options are used by the most popular hyper stores in the online space, thereby proving their effectiveness. So, let’s start step by step, what should be done to increase conversion?

While talking of content and lifehacks, one should not ignore the value of content in Facebook. When we talk of online stores, we need to look at Facebook page option where Facebook page likes get quite handy thing to think about. Every business needs to understand that Facebook pages play a very important role if a business is thinking about growing online. It is one of the important things when people are talking about online marketing and hacks, that they concentrate on social media platforms like Facebook.

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Communicate with customers through the contact button on the website

The button to order a callback is no longer effective – users prefer not to call, but to communicate through messengers. Installing a widget on the site for communicating with customers via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype will not only increase conversion but also allow you to automate the sales process.

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What is this communication button?

This is a small software module that is displayed on the site as an icon. Clicking on such a widget opens a menu with program icons for the user. Having chosen a convenient messenger for communication, the client can send the necessary question to the operator.

This button simplifies the work of both, reducing redundant actions by:

  • From the client’s side – the need to fill out an application on the website (may include not only the name and mobile phone number but also several additional questions that the client is unlikely to spend time on). In addition, you will have to wait for a call after the application is processed.
  • On the part of the manager – review of all the received questionnaires, the number of which may be several dozen, and a call to the client to place an order or solve any problem. It is good when the company has many specialists sitting on the phone, but 1 client may contact more than once and not twice, and it will be difficult to get along with different consultants.

In this case, if you do not take care of the “convenience” for your customers, someone else will.

But the most important plus is an increase in requests, and as a result, an increase in sales. Messengers for business are relevant for novice entrepreneurs, as they do not require financial investment to create an account or channel, as well as in view of the free distribution of information (provided that you do not create chatbots and involve programmers).