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Written By Berry Mathew

The global financial market has changed in an accelerated and unexpected way; technology has taken control of operations not only at the level of personal relationships and social networks but also from an economic perspective, giving way to new and unique concepts.

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E-commerce and financial technology

We are in the digital age; financial operations and transactions today are more digitized, and technology companies and digital finance are increasingly marking the traditional market.

Small, medium and large companies are going through a series of changes and transformations which point to global digitization. A few years ago, operations were utterly manual; now, from order taking, billing and payment are automated.

All companies are currently focused on adapting to the globalization of processes to adapt to the environment and their needs; the scarcity of legal tender coins has allowed digital ones to take a more excellent and better position.


Financial education is the key.

We are witnesses that the needs and tastes of individuals and corporations have changed drastically; everything points to improvements in the management of information technologies, from using cell phones to digital currency exchange platforms.

It is no secret to anyone that digital currencies are acquiring a more significant position in the financial market. Still, it is necessary to use them to prepare and handle a series of fundamental concepts.

From the moment Blockchain entered the financial market, the conception of the Internet ceased to be just a search tool to become a valuable tool.

The value of things is no longer measured by their actual cost but by how necessary a particular object, exemplary, or service is for a person or a community.

Financial education is essential for managing and operating cryptocurrencies and the new digital finances.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies an exciting environment

The development of technologies has impacted various sectors of human life.

The interest and needs of bitcoin users have led to considering Blockchain and cryptocurrencies as fascinating areas of opportunity to study.

Cryptocurrencies without the primary pedagogy of their operation do not tell us anything. However, considering incorporating concepts related to cryptocurrencies and complying with the training of professionals prepared for the demands of the current market, it is very feasible to achieve success.

Therefore, a financial education based on cryptocurrencies is necessary for the knowledge and use of bitcoin because, as already mentioned, its circulation and acceptance as a form of payment in various establishments are already underway.

The digital economy is closer to users; it is a new way of managing finances without intermediaries, doing it from a more personal perspective and where all the tools are within our reach.

You also have to give them the tools almost ready, so they don’t have to train but rather get informed. Schiuma, co-founder of Women in Fintech and VP of Wealth & Community at Ank -fintech, believes that we are still in the Crypto Jurassic, and it is impossible to know what will prevail.

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That is why financial education is essential in this new aspect of the digital economy; necessary to know what is being talked about and how to invest and earn with this technology.

Day by day, new knowledge is generated about this new digital world and how cryptocurrencies position themselves to replace the traditional financial system, a subject that requires study and preparation.

Technological upgrading and studies will not work on their own; learning a new digital financial scheme will open the doors to the desired success; It is only a matter of preparing and taking the next firm step without hesitation to achieve the desired objectives, as long as we do the respective analysis and without involving emotions.

Let’s remember that emotions and finances should not play together.