Culinary adventures in the foodie capital of Chicago

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The vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois’s capital, is located in the heartland of the United States. The city is often known as a foodie’s paradise. With a wide array of food options, from hotdogs and burgers to Michelin-starred spots and the spread of international cuisines, Chicago has a sparkling taste, suitable for every palate.

In addition to the restaurants, you can also enjoy delicious Chicago food with national and international food festivals organized throughout the year around the attractive cityscapes. Plus, to know more about the food scene, you can browse through the tours and book them with an esim card. The active data will allow you to spot the best food tours and enjoy culinary adventures. 

Mesmerizing food tours in Chicago 

Chicago Gourmet

The festival is held for seven days at the striking Millennium Park in September. Chicago Gourmet is a splendid time for foodies who can enjoy the best meals from celebrity chefs with some secret recipes that make it delightful. The extravagant food stalls around the open lawn make it a highly enriching experience. At the food stalls, you can savour multiple types of cuisines, and wine, taste spirits and beer, and fancy the cocktail mixing session. Thus, while in Chicago, do not miss to book your spot on this food tour which includes more than 250 restaurants and breweries, with a buffet full of mouth-watering delicacies. 

Taste of Chicago

The Taste of Chicago is one of the world’s largest outdoor food fest, offering the best specialities of the Chicago food scene. It is an annual event held in July for five days at Grant Park in downtown Chicago. It is unique for its grand display of food from multiple restaurants with live music performances, making it a memorable day.

From domestic to international cuisines, you can relish a wide variety of chefs’ special meals in one spot. In 2019, the event hosted 82 restaurants with almost 24 stalls and 17 food trucks, and local artists adding some fantastic taste to your visit. The food festival is free for entry, but you may be required to buy coupons for food items.

International food festivals

You can get a taste of global cuisines at the International food fest, along with a taste of Chicago cuisines. This festival comprises multiple international events held between May and September, near downtown. You can visit the Little Village festival held in September every year, which provides regional and local food with the best entertainment for adults and kids alike. If you love tacos, Sam Adam Lakeview Taco Fest in September is the ideal fest where you can enjoy a variety of tacos prepared by local vendors on Southport Avenue.

If you’re visiting Chicago in June, you must visit the extensive family fest called the Lincoln Square Greek Fest at St. Lincoln Square. You can taste Greek dishes with various drinks, music, and dance.

Craft Beer Week at Illinois

Chicago, known for the most enticing craft breweries, offers the most fun-loving festival of craft beer and breweries celebrated across Illinois. You can enjoy drinks from various bars, restaurants, and breweries, making it a perfect spot for those who love beer and celebrate drinks.

In addition to these fests, you can even visit other food festivals arranged around the year in Chicago. Once in Chicago, roam around the cityscapes, enjoy the best architecture and relish your favourite foods as you roam freely with a data plan from

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