What Is The Difference Between Tux And Suit?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

What things make difference between tux and suit may come to your mind when you hear about it from people? The special things about the tux and suit that you are not known are described here. I will tell you the facts about these beautiful and expensive outfits in today’s topic. You will be surprised about what I am going to explain about tuxedos and suits. So let us begin to read the difference between tux and suit below.

What Is The Difference Between Tux And Suit?

The difference between tux and suit is their unique different features and not only limited to their different ties. To understand all the features you will need to pay careful attention. 

Below I have described all points that will help you in understanding their difference and importance. However, before reading them let us know what is the difference between a suit and a tux in general.

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What is A Tux?

A tux is an outfit that has details about the satin accessories. All the details embedded in the tux the satin silk material increases its appearance. The tux is worn at night and hence it is called a Dinner Jacket or Dinner suit

You can also hear people calling tuxedo many times or must have read it somewhere in the newspaper. It is known for the satin lapels, satin buttons, and even the satin stripe over the pockets and pants in the complete tux suit. 

What is A Suit?

A suit is a formal outfit that is made by combining the jacket, ties, coats, shirts, pants. However, they are also having special features like a tuxedo. In suits, you will find buttons of different types as per the type of suit. There are different suits such as business suits, wedding suits, etc for different occasions. 

A belt has to be worn in a suit and the important thing about a suit is its tie. Sometimes a suit is also included with a waistcoat so it can be called a three-piece suit.

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Difference Between Tux And Suit Accessories

Now let us go through whats the difference in a tux and a suit in accessories as well as clothes. One by one we will discuss every important part of both of them.

  • Jacket

The first thing to notice the difference between suit and tux is the jacket. Let us see what are the things that are different in them.


The jacket in the tux has a notched lapel. In the difference between tux and suit, you will be able to notice that there is a peak lapel or shawl collar in the tuxedo suits. It is made with the finishing of the satin silk in their lapels and collars which gives them an elegant look.


The suits are having normal and casual lapels. You will see that lapel in the suit is small as compared with the tux. Very often suits have silk finishing in them. However, classic and traditional suits have normal fabric material in them.

  • Shirt

After seeing the difference between tux and suit jacket, the second thing to see is the shirt. How shirts can make a difference in an outfit? Let us see it below.


In the classic world of fashion, the difference between tux and suit outfits was completed only with a tuxedo’s wingtip collar and pleated bib shirts. But nowadays, it has been changed a lot. People have modified their styles and designs for party wear as well as casual wear. The bibbed wing tip collar is still in the trend but the pleated bib is not followed much. In some of the tuxedos, a shirt with a placket is available, which is a narrow strip in the front region of the shirt.


The suit is having a common and usually formal shirt to be worn. You can choose many colors as per your choice as per the events. But traditionally black and white is a good combination.

Now let us move further and read the difference between tuxedo and suit pants in detail. We will see things that differ from each other on both of them.

  • Trouser

Trouser or pants in tux and suit is the third important difference between tux and suit to consider. Please read about it carefully.


In tux pants, you will find that satin silk showing its elegance. The pants are having silk stripes from the sides. The very special feature in the trousers of the tux is their waist, there are no belt loops in them. They have waist adjusters that help to fit the trouser perfectly to the person wearing it.


Pants in suits are made up of normal fabric and are having plain stitching from sides. The suit trousers have belt loops on the waist area for wearing a belt on it. 

  • Waistcoat Or Cummerbund

Waistcoat or cummerbund is one more difference between tux and suit in the torso region that is worn with the tux vs suit. Let us read about it further.


A waistcoat or cummerbund is not a compulsory option in a tuxedo suit for men. When you have to keep the jacket open then to cover your waist area the waistcoat and cummerbund will be helpful.


The suit with the waistcoat is called a three-piece suit. You will be able to see that waistcoats in suits are higher than in tux, covering a large portion of the shirt. Mostly waistcoats are worn in 2 or 3 button suit jackets.

  • Neckwear

You will be able to easily understand the difference between a suit and a tux with a tie.


In a tuxedo, the bow ties are worn as neckwear. The small and unique specialty of the tux suit is the bow tie made up of silk fabric.


The suit is completed with formal ties. You can see many different colors and patterns of casual and formal ties depending upon events. A tie pin also increases the look of the suit.

  • Pocket and Pocket squares

Pockets are considered to make the difference between tuxedo and suit jacket to understand easily. You can see both of them have different types of pockets and pocket squares.


The pockets in the tux commonly have the jetted pockets with satin stripes on them. And the pocket squares in the tux preferably consist of plain white satin silk. However, nowadays many different colors of silk are kept.


In the suit, you will find the flapped pockets creating a formal unique appearance. One common difference between tux and suit for wedding occasions is the different types of pockets and different colors of pocket squares.

  • Buttons

Buttons will help us to simply know the difference between tuxedo suit and blazer suit.


The buttons on the tux jackets are covered with satin silk fabric or embroidered with small shiny material. The tuxedo vs suit vs blazer buttons can be differentiated easily with the button types, as in tux they are made up of metals, studs, or special materials.


The jacket in the suit has plastic buttons or is covered with the same fabric as the blazer. In shirts, you will be able to have normal buttons but special cufflinks will be needed if cuffs are designed specially.

  • Shoes

Especially finding a good pair of shoes to wear with a suit vs tux for wedding ceremonies can also be a confusing task. But for you, I have described which shoes are the best choice.


While wearing a tuxedo you will need patent leather shoes or shiny shoes. The difference between tux and suit shoes is that tuxedo shoes should shine just like the satin silk lapel of the tux.


With suits, formal lace-up shoes are a better choice. But you can choose other options like a plain black, brown, loafer, with lace-up and slip-on shoes.

  • Occasions And Events

You will come to know about the different occasions and events that need different outfits. Below I have described what is better a suit or tux for wedding guest and groom. 


It is special for the groom to wear a tuxedo for the wedding ceremony. The galas and operas or any other party-like events are special places to be in tuxedos. They are worn during night events.


The suit is mostly worn by the guest at the wedding. However, to create the difference between tux and black suit that wedding guests wear, you should choose different colors for the wedding and party occasions. The black suit can be good to wear for business meetings. The suit can be worn during daytime as well as nighttime.


What Is The Difference Between Tux And Suit?

The difference between a tux and a suit is the fabric, lapels, pockets, buttons, etc. In a tux, the satin silk is used in lapels, and the stripe of pockets and buttons of tux is covered satin fabric while in suit normal fabric is used and flapped pockets are seen.

Can You Wear A Suit As A Tuxedo?

You can wear a suit as a tuxedo, but a tuxedo has a unique special feature that is its fabric. So it would look good but it will be a mismatch.

Do You Wear A Suit Or Tux To Prom?

You can wear a suit or a tux to the prom night. However, if there is any special dress code then you should follow it. If no such special requirement tuxedo will be an excellent choice to wear on prom.

What’s The Difference Between Tuxedo Pants And Suit Pants?

The difference between tux and suit pants or trousers is the satin silk stripe on the sides of the tux pants. This stripe feature is not available in the suit pants.

Why Are Tuxedos More Expensive Than Suits?

The suit can also make your appearance perfect, but the value of the tuxedo is always noticeable. It is more expensive because of the use of additional accents. Typical satin strips along with the pants, as well as a satin lapel.

Does A Groom Wear A Tux Or Suit?

Tuxedos are meant for evening events only, so your groom wouldn’t wear one for a morning or afternoon wedding. If you’re planning to marry during the day, a suit would be a better option for your groom’s attire.

How Is A Tux Different From A Suit?

The primary physical difference between a tuxedo and a suit is the presence of satin. Traditionally tuxedos have satin facing on the lapels, buttons, pocket trim, and a satin side stripe down the leg of the trousers.

Who Pays For The Suits At A Wedding?

Whether the groom and his groomsmen are buying new tuxedos or suits or renting for the occasion, his family is traditionally responsible for paying for that outfit (Note: In many modern weddings the groomsmen pay for their own outfits.)

Is A Suit Cheaper Than A Tux?

If choosing between the two styles is making you feel stressed, one aspect to keep in mind is the price. In general, tuxedos tend to be a little more expensive thanks to the extremely high-quality cut and fabric used.


Here we read the difference between tux and suit in detail. How different things both of them include and what are their specialties we learned today. I told you about the jackets, shirts, trousers, etc which will be helpful for you to choose a tuxedo or suit in the future. You also came to know when to wear and other events. Now you will be able to easily explain to one of your friends the difference between tux and suit.