Disadvantages Of ChatGPT Content

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Written By Berry Mathew

These days, we are frequently witnessing modifications and new approaches being developed to streamline the content development process. Open AI has left a substantial and visible imprint on digital marketing by introducing numerous solutions designed to significantly improve the content generation process.

Internet’s favourite ChatGPT is getting day by day from the day of its inception. ChatGPT is a “Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” a type of Open AI tool that can generate text in seconds. But there are some flaws in OpenAI’s latest creation ChatGPT.  According to the top digital marketing company in Dubai, the problem lies with ChatGPT Content. 

So let’s take a look at the disadvantages of ChatGPT content.

ChatGPT can provide wrong answers

If u look closely into the content provided by chatGPT, we can see that it failed to provide accurate information/response. It is unable to read and adapt to unique inquiries, resulting in incorrect and irrelevant text.

It can be risky to utilise or rely on this AI model at times because it cannot always be relied on to acquire correct results, which compromises the authenticity and quality of the content.

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Machine Language

If you look into the conversation via ChatGPT, we could see that the AI responds in a very AI way. Formal and Machine language. Meanwhile, a human, on the other hand, will react to enquiries in a less official, more casual manner, utilising everyday language and slang.

Furthermore, the answers lack sarcasm, analogies, comedy, idioms and phrases which can make ChatGPT content too formal for a variety of purposes.

ChatGPT is overly detailed

Digital marketing agency uae points out that ChatGPT was trained in such a way that when people were satisfied with the answer, the computer was rewarded. Humans normally prefer more detailed answers.

However, in other instances, such as in a medical setting, a direct answer is preferable to a detailed one. When those attributes are crucial, the AI must be taught to be less thorough and more direct.

Non Expressive

ChatGPT might mimic art, but it lacks actual artistic features and expressions. The AI focuses on machine output, omitting the expressions and making the content sound unnatural. It fails to produce content that touches people emotionally on a level a human can.

ChatGPT just summarizes

ChatGPT just describes or ends up summarizing a topic/issue, but does not provide a new perspective on it. Humans develop not only via information but also through personal experience and subjective impressions. An AI machine cannot replicate that.

Too wordy 

According to a study report in January 2023, there are tendencies in ChatGPT material that make it less suitable and desirable for critical applications. The study showed that ChatGPT struggled to react to medical questions because users expected rapid responses, which the AI couldn’t provide.

ChatGPT lies

A research paper also showed that the AI tool showed a tendency to lie. While inquiring about complex questions that require insight from a particular field, chatGPT fabricated some non-existent provisions to answer the question.

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ChatGPT biases neutral stand

The output generated by ChatGPT is neutral and informative. Even though it might appear helpful, it isn’t.

ChatGPT could be monetized

Currently, there is no monetization taking place in ChatGPT.  However, it will be hard to not to monetize the service in future. 

Also, if there are fees connected with using ChatGPT, fewer individuals will use the technology, stifling market growth.

Content overly loaded with logic

ChatGPT’s writing style clearly shows the striking contrast between human content and machine content. When subjected to a series of questions as part of the Voig-kampiff test, the OpenAI toll was able to give many reasonable possible outcomes, thus not giving a sensible answer in the ‘human way’

One of the questions was what will you do after noticing a wasp starts crawling your arm while watching television?

A human answer would be ‘probably curse and swat the insect, or jump from the seat and shake the arm vigorously or something. But when asked to ChatGPT, the answer was meticulously poised and structured logically giving off an unnatural feeling.

Still training

Keep in mind that ChatGPT is still in the process of being trained and improved. As a best practice, OpenAI suggests that all content generated by ChatGPT should be evaluated by a human. Especially for critical and high stake domains like medicine and coding. 

 Content with no Insights

According to an article published in The Insider, an expert stated that academic articles written by ChatGPT lack the spark of insight into the issue. ChatGPTtool describes the issue but does not provide a new perspective on it.

Is chatGPT recommended from an SEO point of view?

No. It is not recommended from an SEO standpoint because AI-generated material is easily spotted by Google algorithms, resulting in the content not ranking. Such auto-produced content breaches Google’s recently issued standards, which restrict non-human-generated content.