Does AFC Urgent Care Have A Patient Portal?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Most health centers in the United States have adopted patient portals as they become more popular, convenient, and reliable. Patient portals are integrated into a large portion of Internet-based EHR applications. On the other hand, patients and healthcare professionals have not yet fully realized the value of patient portals. Therefore, it is crucial to understand what patient portals are and the benefits of purchasing a healthcare franchise like the American Family Care franchise that incorporates patient portals for all its franchises.

Health Portal For Patients: What Are They?

\Patient portals are applications or websites that connect directly to the electronic health record (EHR) to allow users access to their health information. Thanks to these secure online resources, patients can view their health records anytime, day or night, without making an appointment. Patient portals also interact with patients by educating them about their well-being and empowering them to make decisions about their course of treatment. Essentially, patient portals display the following information to customers, depending on the software provider:

  • Information on various diagnoses
  • Remarks written by doctors
  • Prescription drugs
  • medical background
  • Vaccinations
  • Results of laboratory tests

Further, portals allow a communication link between patients and the doctor as part of their function. Patients can also use them to refill medications, update personal information, and schedule appointments.

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What Are The Advantages Of Health Portals For Patients?

Most of the resources patients need to monitor their care are available once they have established a secure login. In 2016, 92% of healthcare facilities in the United States already had patient portals. Research from 2012 shows that patients who used portals before the patient portal boom were more compliant with their medication regimens and less likely to contact their doctor for trivial problems.

Healthcare providers and patients can use patient portals effectively if they are aware of their benefits, including;

  1. Improved Patient Interaction

Patient portals are efficient tools for creating and accessing patient information. Users can enter parameters such as pulse rate, blood glucose levels, and blood pressure, as well as other information via fitness trackers. They can also use this information to communicate regularly with their physicians and provide valuable clinical insights.

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  1. Strengthening Patient Loyalty

Patients feel cared for by their physicians when they communicate outside regular examinations. It also gives them the impression that physicians care about their well-being. Patients’ loyalty increases when they pay securely through portals rather than checks.

  1. Improved Medication Adherence

Research shows that patients who can easily access their doctor’s medical reports through a portal are more likely to adhere to their medications than patients who cannot. It is because they stay in touch with their doctor throughout their therapy. Similarly, asking patients to visit the portal via email encourages them to get vaccinated as opposed to calling.

  1. Faster Payment Of Bills

Healthcare providers benefit when the settlement of their expenses is faster as it eases their financial burden and makes it easier to pay operating expenses quickly. That’s why websites that allow customers to pay bills online are an invaluable resource for healthcare professionals.

  1. Efficient Care For Patients With Chronic Diseases

Inpatient portals with secure communication capabilities can help physicians check in regularly with chronically ill patients. They ensure that patients attend all necessary consultations and that doctors determine efficient follow-up care. Clinicians can easily monitor the condition of their patients and take early action when necessary.

  1. You Can Access Them At Any Time

Want to make a premium payment at three in the morning? No problem. Do you need to schedule a meeting on a Saturday? No problem. You do not have to worry about getting your medical records to your specialist before an appointment. Plus, you can access them every day, even on holidays.

  1. You Can Keep Up With The Times

HIPAA privacy regulations offer protections that evolve with your children. Parents manage their children’s accounts until they are old enough to take their well-being into their own hands. Fortunately, the portal automates the entire process and allows teens to talk openly with doctors about topics they may not want to share with their parents.

  1. You Are Safe

Patient portals are secure because they comply with HIPAA regulations for private health information. Their design includes security and housing on secure servers from HIPPA -compliant web hosting companies that provide frequent updates, fast response times, and low downtime.

Knowing the benefits patient portals can offer your facility in the ways mentioned above makes your job easier and serves your mission of helping your community. Healthcare franchises with patient portals already enjoy these benefits. In addition, investing in such a franchise allows you to run a business on a proven model.