Easy Ways To Select The Right Home Loan For Your Dream House.

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Written By Berry Mathew

The banking industry offers a variety of lucrative and advantageous lending alternatives, whether you want to buy real estate for personal use or as an investment. However, home loan borrowers should consider the “effective cost” of a housing loan in the same way as property buyers should consider the whole cost of a home (including the starting price, parking fee, stamp duty, registration, etc.) before making a purchase.

Since a home loan requires a 15-20 year commitment, borrowers should weigh all costs and make an informed choice. Therefore, before you start the house loan application process, consider these crucial pieces of advice that might assist in streamlining the loan repayment procedure and smoothing the application process.

Make an effort to thoroughly study the possibilities on the market before applying for a mortgage, given the simple availability of information on the internet. Additionally, the three key components of a loan—down payment, EMIs, and payback term—should be included in your study. 

Before submitting your home loan application, research these three elements to help you pick a suitable mortgage from a top lender with competitive interest rates. Hiring a mortgage broker like Next Level Lender can help you compare different loan options and rates, and provide you with advice on the best option for your needs. Home loan amounts are typically greater than other loans, so be sure to look into all the particulars and learn everything there is to know prior to, through, and then after applying for a home loan.

  • Down payment:

Lenders only lend a portion of the property’s worth; the applicants are responsible for the balance. Depending on the cost of the property and the applicant’s qualification, this proportion might range between 75% and 90%. 

When deciding how much of their savings to use to pay the builder or seller and how much they want to borrow as a loan, prospective applicants must use caution. A substantial down payment improves the chances of getting a house loan approval. As a result, if it’s an option, some people might decide to put down more money. It will also lessen their financial burden.

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  • Loan tenure:

Quick home loans are frequently offered for a longer loan period of up to 10 years, depending on your requirements. Although your monthly payments may be cheaper due to the longer loan period, your overall interest costs will increase. Conversely, a short repayment period can result in hefty EMIs. 

It is necessary to choose the right loan duration to optimize your monthly mortgage payments and avoid paying a lot in interest. Depending on the developer’s payment schedule, your loan will be authorized in phases if your house is still being built.

In this situation, you simply need to pay the interest amount known as the pre-EMI interest. However, you can begin making pre-EMI payments if you want to begin paying back the principal. 

  • Home loan insurance:

A type of insurance coverage called home loan insurance, commonly referred to as loan cover term assurance, provides your family with financial protection in the case of your untimely demise. The insurance provider will repay the loan sum for which the insurance was bought if something unfavorable occurs. 

This ensures that the outstanding debt won’t financially burden your family. In addition, according to many banks and home finance companies, a loan cover term guarantee plan must be purchased by customers to prevent defaults in the event of an unforeseen event.

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  • Other associated charges:

On a mortgage, one must pay more than just interest. Processing costs, late payment fines, and foreclosure costs must all be taken into consideration by borrowers. Therefore, it’s crucial to arrange things with the lender right away.

People should be aware that only fixed-rate house loans are subject to foreclosure or prepayment fees. However, because prepayment is one method of reducing the term and saving thousands of dollars, this should also be taken into account when choosing between fixed and variable rates.


Since purchasing a house is a significant financial and emotional choice, you should think about all the criteria listed above and select the correct type and quantity of loan so that you won’t be burdened down the road. 

Additionally, conducting in-depth web research before selecting a loan is wise. By performing a fast internet search, you could uncover cheaper deals on interest rates and other costs. However, you should also talk to your main banker because they can provide you with the greatest offers and services.