Elf Bar Not Charging: Possible Causes And Fixes In 2023!

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Vaping ELF Bar is surely fun, especially for those who enjoy disposable vape pens. However, one of the recently reported problems with this bar is that it doesn’t get properly charged.

Now, there are a few possible causes for the trigger of this issue. The inside smoke might be dirty, or you might have just run out of puff counts. Faulty wiring connections can also be a possible root cause. There are also times when the bar itself is broken or internally damaged.

So, what can you do to fix these troubles? Through this blog, our expert technicians have listed the ways you can easily get the charging fixed in no time! Read on till the end to get all the possible solutions.

Reasons Why the ELF Bar is Not Charging

There are several possible reasons that can prevent the ELF Bar from getting charged in the first place. So, here in this section, we’ll let you know the common factors that are resisting your disposable vape from charging.

The Inside Smoke is Dirty

A lot of the time, dirt and debris can get stuck inside your elf. If that is the situation, it could stop the charging of your vape. There are several occasions when disposable vape pens can easily accumulate dirt, whether in the tip or the port that gets moved inside the device.

Power Source or Wiring Problems

Having a vape device that can be charged is helpful for people who use throwaway vapes. ELF Bar has made throwaway vape lines that can be charged but may still not charge.

Sometimes, wrong wiring and lack of a proper power source can cause the ELF Bar not to charge at all. So, in such a case, make sure you put the bar in a working socket and examine if your charging cable is working.

No Puffs Left

All disposable vapes come with a puff count. So, it’s possible your vape ran out of puffs and is not taking charge. When you run out of e-liquid, your elf coils won’t get heated.

Therefore, when using such disposable vapes, ensure the puff counts, and if necessary, consult with the service provider to check whether you’re out of puffs!

Faulty ELF Bar

Faults in the ELF Bar can also be a solid reason for the vape not to charge at all. Usually, it’s because of a flaw in how your vape was made, but it can also happen during shipping.

The fault can also develop if you keep your vape carelessly, like leaving it open in sunlight for too long or even dropping it in water.

Ways You Can Fix the ELF Bar Not Charing

If your vape isn’t operating right or getting charged, here are some effective fixes you can try.

Figure Out the Origin of the Problem

First, you’ll need to determine where the trouble originated. Ensure that the vape is authentic and not faulty, check your charging cable and sockets, and investigate whether the power source is working right. So, before you go on unscrewing the nuts and bolts, investigate the actual origin of the problem.

Try a Cell Charger from the Outside

If the device doesn’t charge, try a battery charger that isn’t built into the device. They’re not made just for vape devices, but they can tell if the problem is with the battery or not.

Put the Link Plate in Place

Most of the time, the problem with recharging ELF Bar vapes is that their connection plate might sometimes be broken. It could be that it requires to be changed to fit the USB-C charging wire. When the battery isn’t properly connected to the connection plate, it can cause problems.

Keep the Vape Clean

Keeping your vape products clean is vital if you want them to keep working. A big disposable vape like this can get dirty, even though it can’t be refilled. So, it’s essential to keep both the inside and outside of the vape clean.

Replace the Cable

When it comes to the wires, you should make sure that the positive and negative ends are properly connected to the wires. Sometimes, they can get separated, and the vape won’t work right if a wire separates. So, if this is the problem, get the cable fixed or simply replace it.

Get the Vape Replaced

If none of the fixing tips work, the only thing left to do is to replace the ELF Bar itself. Most vape shops will take back a vape that no longer works if broken. But if you’ve been using it for a long time and it breaks, it’s best to get a new one.

How To Tell If the Bar is Charged?

Here’s a step-by-step process through which you can easily determine whether or not your vape is perfectly charged or not.

Step-1: Before using the vape, you should ensure it is fully charged.

Step-2: You can plug it into any USB charger for this. After plugging the vape in, you must check the indicator light.

Step-3: If your vape light doesn’t pop up, the ELF Bar isn’t getting any power and requires charging. However, if your light is on, your vape is charging, and you can soon enjoy your vape.

Step-4: Once your ELF is charged, you can go on vaping. Remember, the vape’s battery will depend on how you use it and for how long. The general settings you’ve made on the bar will also impact it.

Note: If you see the vape running out of battery fast than usual, you may either need to change the battery or get the bar replaced.

Bottom Line

After going through this blog, we think you should now be able to figure out the root causes of your vape’s charging issues and the possible ways to tackle the associated problems. There are times when investing in the actual cause of the fault can be a nightmare. In that case, you should take the assistance of a vape expert to get the ELF Bar fixed in no time.