Everything You Need to Know About Gynecological Exam Chair

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Medical practitioners in the hospital use gynecological exam chairs for pelvic examination of women.However, every clinic doesn’t have this chair. It is a unique chair present only in the gynecologist’s office.

Women who have gynecological problems often visits gyne clinics to get proper guidance about their issue from the doctor. The doctor allowed the patients to sit on the exam chair for appropriate exposure. Moreover, gynecologist chairs allow the patients to have a pelvic examination while sitting comfortably.

The present aim of the gynecological examination is to have a thorough pelvic exam in a patient-friendly environment. Using a gynecological exam chair offers both of these benefits. Thus, it is a perfect choice.

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Some Other Uses of Gynecologist Chairs

I have already mentioned that doctors use this chair to have pelvic exams. Pelvic exam appears to be a simple word, and most of us think it is only related to pregnancy. But this article will guide you that there is much more to it than having only a pelvic examination.

There are various gynecological issues involving women of both reproductive and non-reproductive ages. For example, there may be a tumor in the woman’s pelvis that requires proper examination. In addition, there can be abnormal discharge that makes the patient suspicious.

All the gynecological issues raise a significant concern among women. Thus, whenever they visit a gynecological clinic, the first thing a doctor has to do is reassure the patient about her issue.

Moreover, if those tensed patients are allowed to sit on an uncomfortable chair through the examination, they become more frustrated. Therefore, the clinic must have a gynecological chair to solve these issues.

Here are the Standard Features of Exam Chair for Active and Effective Examination

A gynecological exam chair should have the following features for an optimal pelvic examination.

  1.     The seat and backrest of the chair should be adjustable both with manual and automatic control. In this way, the doctor can move the chair to various ranges depending upon the patient’s compliance.
  2.     The movement of the chair should not be too fast or too slow; otherwise, it will irritate the patient during the examination.
  3.     The chair’s seat should be soft and a medium-density material. The best choice would be a material that is heat resistant to avoid damage by flame.
  4.     It’s better to have a chair with the feature of a removable seat. This feature makes the chair easy to maintain and use. In addition, you can adequately sterilize the chair by removing its parts.
  5.     The chair should have movable foot and leg supports for perfect adjustment of the legs of the patients during the examination.
  6.     The chair framework should have the capacity to hold a patient of a maximum of 200 kg weight. For this purpose, stainless steel offers maximum durability.
  7.     The chair should have wheels to quickly move it from one room to another.
  8.     Ideal gynecological chairs also have integrated paper rolls for maintaining hygiene.
  9.     The chair material should be antibacterial to minimize any chances of infections.
  10. Last but not least are the electrical features of the exam chair. Features like tilt adjustment, back adjustment, and height adjustment make the chair even more effective for a proper pelvic examination.

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How does Gynecological Chair Help a Gynecologist?

The primary goal of the gynecologist is to diagnose the clinical condition better. Better diagnosis can only be possible with standard examination techniques performed flawlessly on the gynecological chair.

While, on the one hand, an exam chair provides a comfortable environment for the patient, it also helps the practitioner to have a proper examination without any disturbance.

Adequate and accurate examinations require that everything essential for a proper exam be present at inspection time. So then, what’s better than a multi-functional power-operated chair under the doctor’s control.

It has various features that assist in multiple ways to have a proper examination. Moreover, along with the examination chair, a paper roll helps the doctor maintain hygiene.

A gynecological chair offers a patient-friendly environment. For example, suppose a patient is comfortable during the examination and is not making any trouble. In that case, the doctor has no concerns. Thus the relaxing nature of the chair indirectly benefits the gynecologist as well.

How much do Gynecologist Chairs cost?

Various online retailers have gynecological chairs at reasonable prices. Of course, the chair price highly depends on the features available in the exam chair. But to tell you an average, most of the chairs fall under $800 to $1000. In some cases, more advanced gynecological chairs in highly developed hospitals can cost you about $4000.

Buying a gynecological exam chair is a one-time investment as it is highly reliable and durable. Thus, I would suggest buying one with more modern features which better helps you have a proper examination.


I’ll now summarize everything you need to know about a gynecological exam chair in a few lines. First, it is a chair used for pelvic examination of women in a comfortable environment. Only a gynecologist with proper certifications can operate a gynecological exam chair.

The diagnosis of the case depends on the effectiveness of the examination. A compelling investigation can only be possible when the patient is not getting irritated by the analysis and the doctor has all the equipment required for the exam besides him. Using a gynecological chair offers both of these benefits.

In the end, one who wants to buy this chair can look it up in their local medical equipment store or order it from an online store at a reasonable price.