Everything you need to know about network marketing

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Written By Charlotte Miller

 The world of marketing is intricate and complex in itself. The more you learn about its branches, the more it astonishes you! Between the final buyer and the product, there are multiple layers of marketing strategies involving people who work behind the screen.

 One of such marketing strategies is network marketing. Now, it isn’t the ordinary MLM that many people refuse to participate in. Unfortunately, some famous network marketing companies have become infamous for practicing pyramid schemes in the name of network marketing!

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 What is network marketing?

 Many of us must have had a childhood memory of either attending a party or hosting one wherein you’d see expensive and quality items on display. Though you couldn’t understand why back then but, now you know! The host would invite their near and dear for an event and advertise the product with the hope of either selling the item or finding another prospective salesperson.

 In definitive terms, network marketing is a business notion creating opportunities for an individual to sell with networking to employ more human power. This marketing is legit and legal. Unlike the pyramid scheme, network marketing does not ask its prospects to pay upfront.

 Here are some FAQs you need to consider before investing,

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 Are there different kinds of network marketing?

 Of course, there are at least 3 significant levels of network marketing. And, none of them can be considered influencer marketing even though there is a minimum amount of drive.

Direct Marketing

Here the marketing strategy is simple. You have a product and an audience demographic. Discover your suitable approach to find potential leads and fulfill the sale. You can choose to contact the clients via call or email. 

However, finding the right contacts is the task you need to take care of. These days, finding email addresses has become easy with email search tools like GetEmail.io. Its chrome extension to your Gmail account lets you work smoothly without having to switch multiple tabs.

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Affiliate Marketing

It can also be called two-tier marketing. While selling the products to your demographic is binding, you get a bonus for referring or finding another marketer or sales representative. Although this is not compulsory, many people prefer this to improve their income.

From the online world’s perspective, affiliate marketing is all about gathering as much traffic to the website as possible. Let’s say you own a blog – advertising your brand’s content with a link to its website fetches you a significant commission. These are usually called Pay-Per-Clip (PPC) or Pay-Per-Lead (PPL).

Multi-Level Marketing

Here things get a little interesting. Apart from your regular job of selling the product, you will also need to get a number of people to sign up for selling. As you get these people to sign up, you will also earn profits for each sale they make.

It is more of a distribution based marketing network wherein many homemakers and women choose to make a career. It is because of the convenience of not having to go out to work.

Final thoughts

Profiting from network marketing is highly likely though the probability is comparatively lesser. Before investing any money in such a business, ensure you are backed enough by research and suggestions.