Everything You Need to Know About Online Gaming Servers

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Most multiplayer games depend on a client-host who both hosts and plays the game at the same time. While this is simple, this type of setup can cause performance issues like dropped games, lost save files, crashes, slow loading times, and lag.

A dedicated server is another hosting option that offers a much more enjoyable and stable gaming experience. This article is an introduction to online gaming servers. Read on to learn what a game server is, why you need a game server, where game servers are located, and more!

What is a Game Server?

Have you experienced the frustration of playing a video game that dropped occasionally, lagged, or loaded slowly? Trust us, we all have, and it’s never an enjoyable experience. In comes a remote game server, also known as a dedicated server.

As a gamer, you most likely want to customize and control your gaming environment as much as you can when playing multiplayer games. Having a dedicated gaming server allows you to do just that! Additionally, remote game servers that provide you with important information and data about your players are an added bonus. 

What is an RGS (Remote Gaming Server)?

RGS, also known as remote gaming servers, fuel online gaming. They’re engines that make it possible for you to play your favorite games. An easy way to understand how these types of servers work is to think of them as the server you, the player, interact with when playing through a third-party platform. This RGS allows players to have access to their results and have a seamless experience. The gaming servers you use will have a significant impact on your playing experience. For this reason, it is crucial that you choose the right server.

With an RGS, one integration gives you access to a substantial library of features. It is also possible to play on desktops, tablet devices, or mobile phones. So, you may be wondering. How do gaming servers work to improve the features of a game? Remote gaming servers allow different types of games to sometimes use wide-ranging jackpot solutions and provide promotional features designed to incentivize players.

Why Do You Need a Game Server?

There are many reasons why gamers seek a dedicated server. Here are some of the most attractive motivators behind this decision. 

Better Performance

Using game servers will guarantee that your games will not crash as long as your server is fitted with the most recent hardware and a stable internet connection. 

Manages High Traffic

Game servers allow you to manage high traffic better and make sure your experience will not be affected no matter how many players are connected to the gaming server. Additionally, game servers have the option that allows you to set a limit on the number of players that can join so that there is no load balance or overcrowding. Another bonus is that tech support is also available to help you deal with any problems that may arise when you’re playing your game.

Strong infrastructure

Higher-tiered data centers are almost always furnished with a backup generator to make sure that your experience is not affected by any power outages. On top of that, they have cooling systems that make sure the infrastructure stays working as it should.

Increased Security

Increased security is always a plus. When using a gaming server, you can rest assured that you have high security. Gaming servers allow you to have full control of the security hardware features and programs that you use. Only the admin has virtual access to the terminal.

Files That Can’t Be Corrupted

You will never have to deal with corrupt files when using dedicated game servers! All progress is stored in real-time, and syncing is almost always automatic. You’ll be able to pick up from where you left off.

Where are Game Servers Located?

Gaming servers are often hosted within specific locations, although some gamers manage their own server within their homes. Here is some additional information about how these powerful machines are housed. 

Most Remote Gaming Servers are in Data Centers

Remote gaming servers are commonly located in data centers located in major cities. They’re designed to be up and running 24/7. These centers have built-in cooling systems, two separate power sources to make sure there’s availability round-the-clock, and insanely-fast internet connectivity. Data centers are ideal for gaming because connection quality is crucial.

Other Servers are in People’s Homes

There are some people who host their own dedicated game servers in their homes. This is not recommended because you need good internet connection quality with large upload and download speeds, as well as cooling and backup power. 

How are Game Servers Set Up?

To set up a game server, the server needs to have the game’s “server binary” installed. This is the specialized software that controls the calculation of the game state in real time, keeps track of in-game actions and object properties, and runs the game. Players run a different version of the multiplayer game that sends and receives information to the game server.

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A Lot of Games Have Developer Organized Servers

The majority of popular online multiplayer games like Apex Legends, Overwatch, Valorant, and Fortnite have servers that are set up by the developers of the game. You won’t be able to find the server binaries in this instance because the developers don’t release them. 

Some Games Allow You to Host Your Own Servers

Some game developers release the server binary for their games. Developers that do this often have games that have a much longer life span.

Games that let you host your own servers include:

  • ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Minecraft
  • Valheim
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

The Bottom Line

We highly recommend trying out a remote gaming server if you’re looking to change up your gaming experience. These servers are a reliable and great way to get the most out of online multiplayer games as they are ideal for high-traffic, fast-paced games, such as first-person shooters. 

Don’t know which gaming server to use? Check out what we’re offering. The game server hardware and hosting solutions we provide are designed to meet all the needs of the modern gamer.

As a dedicated and remote gaming server provider, our support team is always available to provide you with guidance.