Family Law Issues in Raleigh, North Carolina: An Overview

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North Carolina courts receive different types of cases. Still, the main ones are about divorces, child support and custody, property division, and others. Topics like marriage, prenuptial agreements, and adoption are in family law. The law is there to help resolve family disputes in different areas. At the same time, family law lawyers work with the families to maneuver the laws and serve the interests of their clients.

If you have a family law issue, it is advisable to seek legal help. A lawyer will help you navigate state laws, legal outlines, and other materials to help you make the best decision for your family. You can check here to find more info about how a family law lawyer can help you handle different family issues. Here are topics your lawyer can advise on.

Marriage Requirements

Raleigh and the entire North Carolina have set requirements that all couples must fulfill before they can be termed as legally married. These requirements dictate that if one or both partners are 14 or 15 years old and expecting a child, they must obtain approval from the district court judge. The law also dictates that partners aged 16 or 17 should get a guardian or parental written consent. However, parties above 18 years do not need permission. The law also dictates that interfamily marriages, except first cousins, are forbidden. Additionally, if one or both partners were previously married to other people, they must provide proof of divorce.

A marriage license is also necessary in Raleigh. Therefore, when partners want to get married, applying for a marriage license is vital before the wedding. Although couples don’t have a waiting period once they get the permit, they are expected to wed within 60 days before the license expires. There is no need to prove residency when applying for the license. Furthermore, marrying from where you applied for your permit is not compulsory.

Divorce Requirements

Divorce is not a good thing, but sometimes circumstances can demand it. So, if you plan to divorce in North Carolina, you must know you must have solid ground. The state has set several legal settings besides residency for approval. One or both partners must have been residing in North Carolina for six months or longer before they can file for divorce. There are two types of divorce- absolute divorce grounds and divorce from Bed and Board. The first indicates that the partners must have lived separately for a year or longer. The couple also has foundations for divorce if the partners have lived independently for three years because one partner is incurably insane. The latter dictates that there is ground for divorce if one partner leaves the family or the plaintiff is forced out of their home. A divorce can also be approved if the respondent endangered the plaintiff’s life. Lastly, another requirement for divorce is if the respondent was adulterous.


When facing any family law issue, it is vital to seek help from a family law attorney. However, the choice depends on different factors in your case. Therefore, evaluating your needs and seeing if you need a lawyer is essential. Hiring a lawyer is beneficial since they help deal with cases involving child support and custody, divorce, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence, etc. Most lawyers offer free consultations initially. Therefore, it will be worth speaking with an experienced family lawyer in North Carolina.

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