Find The Right Motor Manufacturer For Your Needs

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Electric motors are used in all kinds of products these days. From toys to industrial fans and drills to washing machines, electric motors can provide long-lasting performance while saving money on energy costs. An AC motor manufacturer can provide solutions for almost any industry, and it usually pays to form partnerships with an electric motor parts manufacturer if you’re making your own products that require a steady supply of motors and components.

The key to good partnerships, however, is forming them with motor manufacturers that can meet your needs as they grow and change. ARC Systems Inc. is an example of a company that provides scalable solutions across a number of industries, and they also offer a wide variety of different types of motors and associated components. In fact, induction motors, AC motor generators and custom aerospace motors are among the solutions you can specify from electric motor manufacturer ARC Systems Inc.

Does Experience Matter?

Another aspect of forming any type of professional partnership is whether or not experience matters. While it would make sense that an experienced manufacturer is going to provide the best service and products, don’t discount newer companies that may not have the pedigree of older companies.

Then again, technology changes so rapidly these days that it can even be tough to nail down a definition of what counts as experience. A motor manufacturer that was at the top of its game a few years ago could easily fall behind if it doesn’t keep pace with changes that seem to occur every year.

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Can You Customize Your Purchases?

When you purchase products from a motor manufacturer, you’re going to want to find a partner that can provide a reasonable degree of customization. After all, your business isn’t a one-size-fits-all operation, so why would you work with a partner that doesn’t offer the same level of custom solutions?

You’re encouraged to look for a motor manufacturer that can not only offer a range of baseline products that will meet your needs, but you should also look for one that takes into consideration the unique aspects of your business, your products and your business model.

If you sell large-volume products that are shipped in bulk, you likely won’t need to customize each one with a different type of motor. On the other hand, if you design your products around the facility requirements of specific customers, you’re going to need to be able to provide custom motors to fit those requirements. If your motor manufacturing partner can’t work with you to get this done, it’s going to end up hurting your bottom line.

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Communication Is Key

In any type of relationship, including professional relationships, communication is the key to success. If your manufacturing partner is not available when you need them or you can’t get fast answers to your questions, your business may end up hurting in the end.

You’re encouraged to look for a motor manufacturer that is not only available when you need them, but that is also willing to reach out and discuss aspects of your project when needed. Remember that communication is a two-way street, meaning all involved parties need to communicate openly, honestly and often.

In keeping with the above, it’s a good idea to take stock in your requests from time to time. If a partnership isn’t going to work out because of mismatched abilities and goals, it may be better to find a new motor manufacturer before incorporating products into your designs. This is also why it’s a good idea to spend time discussing the details of your business and products with a potential motor manufacturing partner prior to signing any contracts.