Google Hidden Games: A great way to relax & unwind 

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Leisure time can get boring if one doesn’t have something fun and relaxing to do. Time happens to slow down as people cannot find exciting ways to keep themselves engaged but not anymore! Google being the innovative company that it is, has got you covered with creative and intriguing games in its multiple products. So, if you are bored and need something to occupy yourself with, Google hidden games can be your way to go.

Google platforms like Google search, Google Doodle, Google Assistant, etc., have many excellent games that can be played on any smart device without the hassle of downloading. Isn’t it amazing? Users can bid adieu to device storage issues and slow installation of gaming apps. You no longer need a PC or gaming console to enjoy a fun and relaxing time. 

Simple games like solitaire, tic-tac-toe, restaurant game, etc., allow players to have fun and relax for a while post a hectic day or schedule. There’s no complexity in the gameplay of such games, nor do they involve any competition. Many play online games for excitement which also stimulates the senses. However, not everyone prefers to engage in such competitive games. 

So, for people who just want to relax and take their minds off a stressful day, these google hidden games are the best options. Such games are easily available across varied platforms that users can play by just using a few strings on Google. Let’s find out more about this chill genre of games. 

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What makes Google Hidden Games all about the chill? 

Chill or casual games can be defined as those with a low-skill floor. Typically, these games are played by those who are either new to the virtual gaming world or simply don’t have enough time to dedicate. For them, playing games is just another substitute for sitting idly or watching the time pass by. Google hidden games fall in a similar gaming genre that allows players to relax and enjoy while not stressing about performance or competition. 

The Google hidden games can be played and enjoyed by all irrespective of age or interests. A person that played pac-man on an arcade machine in the 90s to a millennial that prefers to play football outdoors rather than virtually can have a fun time playing simple google hidden games like the dinosaur game, tic-tac-toe, solitaire, etc. These games at their core are developed to engage and entertain players without penalizing them for poor performance. 

Some key aspects like the no-stress mechanism and a pleasant tone define Google’s hidden games perfectly. Most of these are single-player games that follow smooth and amicable gameplay. Unlike hardcore games, these casual games focus on how much fun the players are having while playing. While the concept and premise of hardcore games are also fun, not every player is impelled by the game’s intensity. The google games are solely intended for fun and do not test the player’s skills or competence. 

Furthermore, in order to substitute for skill exigency, these google games have plenty of luck built-in to make the gameplay interesting and minimally engaging. For instance, in pac-man, the ghost moves randomly which enhances the thrill aspect of the game. Similarly, the interface of these games is designed in a way that keeps the players visually hooked to the screen. It’s the bright colors, sounds, and graphics of the game that calms the player’s mind and let them enjoy the simple gameplay. 

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Enjoy playing Google Hidden Games 

The google hidden games are all about the chill that doesn’t even require the players to download any app or purchase a console to enjoy some casual gaming fun. The gameplay of such simple games is straightforward to understand and play. The players don’t have to put in extra effort to ace the game. Since these games have no competitive aspect to them, the players can play at their pace without pitting opponents. 

Generally, these games do not involve any time limit or performing parameters to get in the way. Players get infinite attempts and the score is usually irrelevant. Moreover, these hidden chill games are smooth and slow that allows players to relax and have a fun leisure time. 

Final Note 

From tech nerds to general consumers, Google has something interesting for all. The google hidden games are fun in short bursts that allow users to have fun in between their everyday hectic schedules. 

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