Greg DeShields to Return as Adjunct Professor, Teach Hospitality Operations this Fall

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Adjunct professors are the unsung heroes of higher education across America. One such adjunct professor is the hospitality industry professional, certified and licensed diversity executive, and podcast host Greg DeShields. DeShields teaches hospitality operations as an adjunct faculty member at the Community College of Philadelphia.

The renowned educational institution is a public junior college with four campuses across the City of Brotherly Love. The Community College of Philadelphia opened its doors in 1965, dedicated to providing access to higher education for predominantly African American and low-income Philadelphia residents.

Since assuming his adjunct professor role at the institution, Greg DeShields has remained deeply committed to dedicating his time and knowledge to his students. While teaching at the Community College of Philadelphia, he has won widespread praise from his students and fellow faculty members.

Such praise comes in no small part after having played a crucial role in setting an ever-growing number of students on prosperous future career paths. This fall, and following the success of Introduction to Hospitality Management, industry expert DeShields will return for another semester at the Philadelphia-based community college with his new class, Hotel Management.

Importance of Community Colleges

Junior colleges such as the Community College of Philadelphia are a cornerstone of America’s higher education system. These all-important institutions allow students to pursue affordable training in various fields. This training prepares them for the workforce or serves as a stepping-stone toward further studies.

Courses on offer include the likes of Greg DeShields’ acclaimed Introduction to Hospitality Management. That’s in addition to various two-year associate degree programs, commonly used as credit by students subsequently looking to transfer to four-year programs.

DeShields will return to the Community College of Philadelphia this fall with his second, all-new class – Hotel Management.

Pivotal Role of Adjunct Professors

Adjunct professors such as Greg DeShields are those who teach on limited-term contracts. Like hospitality industry expert DeShields, they invariably front courses on specialist subjects and spend extended time with their students. Right across the board, adjunct professor roles call for remarkable adaptability, commitment, and knowledge.

Responsibilities undertaken by adjunct professors range from preparing course materials and grading assignments to holding student consultations and ultimately setting them on the path toward successful future careers. It’s a demanding but rewarding role that ensures each student receives a well-rounded education. That includes delivering real-world expertise in the classroom.

This real-world expertise, insight, and knowledge—shared by adjunct professors like DeShields and his peers—often proves transformational in equipping the next generation of industry professionals in a given field.

Introduction to Hospitality Management

Greg DeShields’ Introduction to Hospitality Management class sees the hotel sector professional and certified diversity executive share his decades of hands-on experience. This first-hand insight into the hospitality industry grants students an unrivaled understanding of the practical applications of the theories discussed throughout the course.

An all-new Hotel Management course will replace DeShields’ current introductory class. Both classes set out to equip students with the knowledge and hard-earned skills required to oversee various hotel operations.

Subjects covered across the two courses range from the managerial functions of housekeeping and front desk to accounting practices, essential engineering topics, and crucial non-room revenue streams.

DeShields’ forthcoming Hotel Management class will also cover marketing, sales, and guest safety while reiterating the vital nature of cross-department relationships in any hotel’s success. The new class, commencing later this year, will look to build upon the success of its predecessor, overseen once again by adjunct professor Greg DeShields.

Adjunct Professor Greg DeShields

Adjunct professor Greg DeShields is a celebrated hospitality and tourism industry professional from Pennsylvania. DeShields also hosts the diversity-centered and hospitality-focused podcast ‘Something to Say.’

Hotel sector expert DeShields is immensely passionate about educating, inspiring, and nurturing future generations of hospitality industry leaders. Whether as a certified and licensed diversity executive, hospitality industry professional, or podcast host, he delivers boundless knowledge, insight, and warmth to every aspect of his work.

Greg DeShields has been instrumental in establishing the Delores W. DeShields Endowed Scholarship and actively supports the Destinations International Historically Black Colleges and Universities Scholarship Initiative. Away from his professional endeavors, he revels in cooking and creatively experimenting with diverse flavors and ingredients.