Head Shaving: Essentials, Benefits & More

Head shaving is a much more hectic task than people assume it to be. Unlike normal facial shaving, a head shave requires utmost precision and care. Any mishandling or disregard can lead to severe cuts and scalp injury. Many people take a plunge and shave off their heads without considering the after-care and maintenance required. Even though it seems a viable solution for those struggling with prolonged hair loss issues, they must prepare themselves with the necessary equipment and essentials required. 

Before we come to the head-shaving aspect, let’s take a look at the benefits of opting for a head shave. The rising percentage of men population suffering from hair loss problems justifies the increasing number of bald heads and demand for a head shaver for men. Another factor that has inspired the young generation to embrace their baldness is the changing perception of baldness in society. We no longer consider bald heads as a sign of old age or undesirability. Rather, a bald head has emerged to be one of the latest summer hairstyle trends of all time. But is that all? Certainly Not! Deciding to shave off your head is highly beneficial in a number of ways. 

  • Improved appearance: Well, there’s no doubt about it. A shaved head looks much more appealing and presentable than scanty hair patches, thin hair, or receding hairline. Many who dread being bald don’t realize that a half-bald looks more pathetic and unpleasant. There’s no point holding onto those hairs that are eventually going to fall off. 
  • Save Time & Money: Head shaving helps in saving a lot of time, money, and unnecessary effort. Male pattern baldness is a generic problem that has no viable solution as such. So, wasting time and money on buying expensive hair care products or salon trips is pointless. Instead, investing in the best electric shavers available in the market is a practical solution.
  • Subdue aging & stress: One of the best things about having a shaved head is that you no longer have to stress about losing your hair or looking aged. Since there are no grey hairs or a receding hairline, people find it hard to guess your age. You can focus on other positive features of your body and be confident. 

Now that you know the practical advantages of being bald, it’s important to know-how about head shaving. If you have recently shaved your head or planning to do it, there must be a lot of questions and confusion in your mind. For instance, you may be wondering how often a bald head needs grooming, or is there any ideal head shaver for men?

Well, all of these thoughts are quite prevalent and this next section of the blog will attempt to answer most of these common questions. Keep reading to find out more.

Essentials of a head-shaving kit

You must have come across the term ‘head-shaving kit’ very often. But do you know what are the key inclusions in this kit? For every baldie out there, a head-shaving kit is a must-have. The key to looking bald and handsome is proper grooming and upkeep. Having an ideal head-shaving kit will give you a seamless shaving experience anywhere, anytime you want.

While there are plenty of exquisite head-shaving products on the market, picking the best electric head shavers along with a few other products is sufficient. Following listed are some of the essentials that make for an ideal head-shaving kit: 

  • Electric head shaver for men: The prominence of this product goes unsaid. A head shaver is essential for a smooth and close head shave. While manual razors can be used for head shaving, they do not guarantee a safe and smooth shave. With an electric head shaver in hand, you can have a fine effortless shave every time.
  • Pre-shave oil: While many tend to overlook this product, pre-shave oil should be permanently added to your head shaving regime. These oils are made of natural ingredients and base oil that makes shaving easy and more convenient. Its lubricating properties soothe the skin and give essential nourishment to the scalp. It also eliminates the risk of razor cuts and burns to a great extent. 
  • After-shave oil: As the name suggests, this is supposed to be applied after the head shave to calm the razored areas while making them soft and smooth. It has high hydrating properties that rejuvenate the scalp pores thus making it irritation-free. 

Bottom Line 

The advantages of being bald are in abundance. However, you can enjoy its advantages only when you own your baldness and embrace it. Once you own and accept it, nothing can stop you from being the confident self that you are! Initially, head shaving and maintenance can be difficult but once you have the advanced electric head shaver for men along with basic pre and after-shave oils, head shaving will be done in just a few minutes. Grab a head shaver, and shave it like a pro!

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