Hitting the Nail on the Head: 5 Reasons to Consider Dabbing Your CBD

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Nowadays, CBD products can be found anywhere from your local grocery store to your neighborhood pet shop. Integrating the herbal concentrate into daily life is easier than ever, especially if you’re an adventurous user. But for those seeking an elevated smoking experience, the average CBD-based product might not be cutting it. Lucky, the herbal industry offers the latest and greatest way to enjoy CBD with dabs.  

Still not convinced that the method is suitable for you? Here are five reasons you should consider dabbing your CBD. 


Dab rigs are intricate glass water pipes made in various shapes, sizes, and styles. The wide range of dab rigs available makes them easily customizable for any type of smoker. Those that prefer a sleek, modern look would like a mini-dab rig like those from MJ Arsenal (https://mjarsenal.com/blogs/mini-dab-rigs/the-complete-guide-to-dab-rigs). The rig’s modest size allows for effortless storage while providing a powerful CBD experience. A smoker with more artistic flair is perfectly matched with hand-blown glass pieces that can resemble anything from vibrant sea creatures to an unsuspecting coffee mug. 

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Immediate Effects 

Sipping on infused beverages or applying topical ointments can take hours to have an effect. And while the eventual result might be somewhat satisfactory, it’s not a practical method for someone needing instantaneous relief. By inhaling CBD dabs, the powerful compound enters the bloodstream in a matter of seconds. The result is a rich smoking experience that doesn’t require an excessive waiting period. 


When heated to extreme temperatures using a torch, CBD dabs exude potent compounds and aromatic terpenes. A single puff of the vapor is a burst of complex flavor. Unlike topical products or edibles, dabbing allows you to experiment with different temperatures to bring out unique flavors. For example, dabbing at a steady low-temperature burns concentrate slowly to offer a rich experience. 


As opposed to water pipes or joints that produce rough smoke, dabs involve inhaling concentrated vapor. The smooth byproduct is much easier on the lungs and doesn’t contain harmful plant matter found in herb. Besides offering a cleaner smoking experience, smokeless CBD dabs are also indoor-friendly. The vaporized concentrate doesn’t give off an unpleasant odor, so you don’t have to worry about spraying a room with an air freshener after a session. 

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Perhaps one of the most appealing parts of dabbing is that it only requires a small amount of concentrate for a potent result. Unlike other methods that drain your stash and wallet, a modest amount of CBD concentrate can last for months. So while you’ll be saving for more important things, you won’t have to sacrifice a satisfying smoke session. 

Final thoughts 

CBD dabs are the new frontier for enjoying the herb to its fullest potential. The potent concentrate is both fast-acting and flavorful, not to mention easy on your wallet. And as you expand your arsenal of smoke accessories, you’ll proudly display artful dab rigs that double as conversation pieces. So with all these benefits in mind, it’s time to take your first step in the journey with CBD dabs.