How a SAFeⓇ Course Can Accelerate Your Career in the Right Direction

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Written By Charlotte Miller

For companies looking forward to an Agile Transformation or have recently gone through one, SAFeⓇ Agilists Certification are of huge demand. SAFeⓇ stands for Scaled Agile Framework and is incredibly useful in companies that are complex and large to help them go through the agile transformation seamlessly. A comprehensive SAFeⓇ training allows candidates to become well equipped in handling organizational demands, especially during an Agile transformation. The training will enable you to understand how to keep various teams in alignment and incorporate collaborative relationships to meet the end goals of the organization. Since many organizations are now choosing Agile more frequently, SAFeⓇ training is of great use. Agile helps deliver products faster and more efficiently by delineating stages of development in teams ranging from planning to delivery. 

How can a SAFeⓇ course benefit you? 

Learning SAFeⓇ is the most accessible gateway to becoming an invaluable asset in companies from various industries. You are the multiple reasons why you should choose and all-inclusive training in SAFeⓇ:

  • The training will enable you to understand how you can assist and lead Agile transformation through various enterprises. 
  • You will get access to the latest SAFeⓇ methodologies, which will allow you to stay updated about the various market trends. 
  • You will soon become an extremely important employee in companies that are going through complex Agile transformation. 
  • You will get Global recognition and certification that makes you eligible for jobs all around the globe. 
  • There is a vast pool of employment opportunities available for those who are well trained in SAFeⓇ. 
  • The salary of those trained in SAFeⓇ is truly impressive. 

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Practical Skills Acquired during Training

The training opportunity provided for those interested in gathering knowledge about SAFeⓇ provides ample practical skills that are fundamental in becoming a true SAFeⓇ Agilist. Not only will you learn the general management and leading skills that are required to work and follow the SAFeⓇ methodology, but you will also learn various specific skills. These particular skills include Lean Agile Budgeting, Lean Portfolio Management, Lean Agile Management, Program Increments, and Agile Release Trains. This training is also crucial in building and developing your coaching, leadership, change management, motivational, and conflict management skills. 

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Components of the Training Module

The various components that are included in the SAFeⓇ training module include: 

  • Learning about the fundamentals of Scaled Agile Framework. It also enables you to understand how it can be applied in various enterprises as well.
  • You will be able to learn how to scale Lean and Agile development in a particular company. 
  • You will have the ability to master the various principles that are incorporated in becoming a Lean manager. 
  • The training provides you with all the core competencies required for successful implementation of SAFeⓇ. 
  • You will be skilled in leadership and transformation rules by the end of the program. 

The SAFeⓇ training program not only helps you to build your portfolio but also get your certification and become a SAFeⓇ specialist. It is truly one of the best ways to advance your career. 

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