How And Why Business Owners Can Benefit From Integrating QuickBooks And PayPal?

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Written By Berry Mathew

With regards to online transactions, PayPal has become really popular.. To encourage the use of credit and debit cards, a nominal transaction fee is included in the service’s offering to customers. Integration between QuickBooks and PayPal improves these capabilities and adds others. Once the two systems are synced or connected, the transaction fees will be recorded mechanically. It can also help you gain insight into your company’s performance by allowing you to access and analyze historical financial data.

Given the greater volume of transactions seen by owners of larger businesses, synchronization can serve as a useful guide for better managing cash flow with an accounting software. It makes it simple to link your PayPal and QuickBooks accounts by providing the Connect to PayPal and PayTraQer integrations.

What Kind Of Features Does QuickBooks PayPal Integration Offer?

The connectivity between QuickBooks and PayPal makes it simple for business owners to see both their gross and net revenue. All the money changing hands and the PayPal charges may be tracked in real time.

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Features such as:

  • The expenses are tracked in a different ledger. There’s no need to manually input any payment information because everything happens automatically.
  • In the same way that you would at a bank, the integration lets you review and approve transactions before they are permanently recorded.
  • In the event that you need to review specifics about a product or customer, PayPal will automatically record those particulars in the sales receipt.

Integration of QuickBooks and PayPal: What You Need to Know?

Manually entering payment information into QuickBooks is a source of many complaints. You may now escape your laborious back-and-forth with QuickBooks and PayPal integration. PayTraQer for QuickBooks is a fantastic program that connects the two popular financial platforms, PayPal and QuickBooks. It’s a handy piece of software that automates the transfer of financial information between your PayPal and QuickBooks accounts.

The typical data entry pace is 8000 keystrokes per hour (KPH). Consequently, up to 300 transactions can be fed in, although the process can take up to 15 hours. However, you can save yourself a total of 15 hours every week by integrating PayPal with QuickBooks Online. There won’t be any typos or mistakes when entering the transactions like there would be with manual entry.

With PayPal’s QuickBooks integration, you can skip the tedious data entry and instead have the funds flow into QuickBooks without any intervention on your part. Accounting will be a breeze with the QuickBooks PayPal integration because no money will ever escape the ledger unnoticed.

Once set up, you can sync your recorded transactions in two different ways: with just a few clicks, or automatically.

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  • Automatic Synchronization

If you want PayTraQer to update your QuickBooks company with the data of your PayPal transactions automatically, you may set it to do so by activating the Automatic Sync under the program’s Advanced options. You can accomplish anything with just one click, saving yourself a great deal of effort, time, and resources.

  • Manual Synchronization

Alternately, you can use the Manual Sync method. If you need to review all of your financial dealings before importing them into QuickBooks, this is a useful tool. If you wish to import only specific transactions into QuickBooks, you can do so before clicking the “Sync” button. It may take some time, but you’ll be able to sync only the data you desire.

The Advantages Of Utilizing PayTraQer

Automation Techniques at the Cutting Edge

With PayTraQer for QuickBooks, you can say goodbye to tedious data entry tasks for good. You may choose what information to sync from within the app by clicking a button, or you can set it to sync automatically in the background.

Transactions from the Past in PayPal

No matter how far back in time your PayPal transactions go, you may always sync them with your QuickBooks account.

Conduct a Full and Accurate Reconciliation

As accounting periods come to a close, you don’t have to let the task of reconciliation hit you over the head. PayTraQer for QuickBooks ensures that your bank and QuickBooks balances will always match, allowing for effortless reconciliation.

Undo a synchronized transaction

PayTraQer’s undo/redo functionality makes it simple to undo any synced transactions inadvertently and start over, keeping only the necessary ones.

Multi-Currency Transactions in Sync

Use PayTraQer to effortlessly synchronize your incoming and outgoing payment transactions in any currency supported by QuickBooks. Recognize the benefits of multi-currency transactions and agree to them without hesitation.

Facilitated User Interaction

If you run into any problems, our helpful customer service team is available to help. In addition, we have tutorial videos and support blogs to help you learn everything you need to know.


If you run a sizable company, you can keep track of everything with the help of the PayTraQer square QuickBooks online integration. The cheap transaction costs associated with using credit cards to make purchases is another perk. If you need additional information, please contact us at [email protected].