How can tutors advance student learning?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

What makes a tutor unique? Their way of teaching!

Well, unique and engaging tutoring techniques can fill students with enthusiasm regarding learning. 

Advance student learning is essential for kids to clear concepts. For advanced learning, you can convert traditional classrooms to online classes. 

In this article below, we have enlisted top ways for tutors to advance student learning. 

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Top Ways To Advance Student Learning

Usually, students accept the way of teaching a tutor is as follows. But it creates boredom in class. So, here we have mentioned a few ways to advance student learning.

1. Assessment Through Games

Be familiar with the ESA method; Engage, Study & Activate. Let’s find out what you can do as a teacher to engage students. 


It consists of many things, such as; greeting your students with a smile. You can ask various things:

  • How are they doing?
  • How’s their weekend?
  • What method do they love in learning?
  • Which is their favourite game?

And many more questions to engage them.


This part includes teaching students about new concepts. The study gets successful when students learn what the teacher is studying.


Activate indicates by name that the teacher needs to ask students for taking part in different sessions. It could be a role play, discussion, you can play games, and more activities to make students participate.

By the ESA model, a teacher can make students learn anything and everything. If you play games with students it allows them to memorize whatever they have learned in a lecture. This way is good for every learner, right from an adult to older ones. 

2. Pairing

Sometimes standard teaching doesn’t work because of a lack of opportunities for students. Nowadays, the pair-share mode is gaining popularity. This method can be fruitful if you have a small group of students to teach.

Let’s start by pairing up students and providing them knowledge:

  • Asking students to read a paragraph
  • Listen to short lectures and videos carefully
  • Then ask questions from students
  • Encourage students to write down the answers
  • Ask students to discuss with their pair and provide final answers.

It  is the best way of teaching that involves the entire group and engages all students in the activity. It will also help students to know and accept others’ points of view. The pairing and sharing method will make your students formulate their answers. Well, it is considered as a great way of helping students to study. 

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3. Introduce new technology

Fortunately, we are living in a world where knowledge is just a few clicks away. Knowledge is not limited to written form, but we can enjoy it with videos, graphs, charts, and images.

As the education revolution took place, it has given rise to the newest methods of teaching. It includes; studying from class recording, attempting the online test, surfing youtube, and much more.

Well, studies become exciting when students learn new things daily. So, introducing new technology to students is really beneficial. 

4. Multimedia tools 

Do you know your phone can do wonders? Yes, it is true!

Decades ago, private tutors used to show photographs to students for understanding scenarios. But now, we are already living in the technology age. The world has walked a long way from MS-DOS and Arpanet.

As a tutor, you can start a lesson with a literature, song, or video clip related to the topic.

For example, if you are giving Economics tuition, you can provide a deep understanding of the nation’s economy via videos. It will motivate students to learn and understand the basics.  

Game-based education, educational platforms, and learning apps have changed the meaning of education. Most importantly, at the time of COVID-19 online tuition has become a trend. Remember, the internet isn’t a digital storehouse but a source of learning.

Interactive whiteboards and video chats will be helpful for students for collaborative learning. You can even share large files through file-sharing apps. Furthermore, if you have a website, then you can upload tutorial videos and much more. 

5. Ask for reviews

Ask your students to share reviews regarding tutoring strategies you are using. It will help you to decide on the best method of teaching.

After all, you aim to make your students happy with your teaching style. So, the first importance should be the content you are teaching to students. 

Along with this, always remember the value of teaching. Asking students for review will enhance your teaching and add positivity. 

Final Piece Of Advice 

As a tutor, you need to stay honest, whether it’s online or offline tutoring. If you are real and dedicated to your studies, students will get impressed. Advance learning for students can be achieved by the above listed top 5 ways. 

Well, do you find this article informative? If yes, do let us know in the comment section. 

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