How does wheel size affect my car and driving?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

The wheel size has some serious effects on the car and its performance that we all need to be aware of. 

It is believed that the large wheel size can impact the stability of your car and the weight of heavy wheels may also slow down the speed of the car. 

Users always have numerous wheel & tire selection options that should be done as per our needs. Let us know more!

how wheel size can affect the car and driving. 

  • Stability

A big wheel size always has more stability than a small wheel. Big wheels also have a smaller braking distance considerably than small wheels. 

If you are looking for the best performance then big wheels will always be the best choice and durable also. You don’t need to press the brakes of your car from a large distance and it removes all the hassles. 

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  • Comfort

Well, if we talk about comfort, then small wheels can always be the best choice. The large tires are pretty hard and small tires can make your car run very smoothly. 

It might be tough for you to drive on the same note and you will also feel bumps harder while driving the car. Yes, that’s why there will be more vibrations and noise that may irritate you sometimes. 

  •  Fuel Performance

If we talk about fuel performance then the big tires always require more fuel as compared to small ones. The reason is that the big tires need more power to roll the tires and indirectly more power means more fuel consumption. 

This is a basic sense but as we know that technology is improving rapidly. That’s why today fuel consumption has been improved already across almost all tire ranges. 

  • Speed

The large tires of your car may slow down the overall speed because the tire gets heavier. If you have a large tire car then somewhere you need to compromise with the speed, the large diameter wheel makes the vehicle heavier. 

So if you don’t want to compromise in terms of speed then just go with small wheels because they will not interrupt you during acceleration. 

  • Suspension

We never want to bear expenses just because of some damage to our car. Here, we are talking about suspension, if your car has large wheels, it can make the car heavier. 

Whenever you take a turn, it will create a more significant impact and your suspension will be affected very badly. Well, these issues are never seen in small wheels because of a very low impact on suspension while taking a turn. 

  •  Cornering

If you love driving your car a bit roughly and are habitual to taking some sharp turns, then the best option will be to go with small wheels. 

Cornering is not an easy task for any driver, it needs a lot of practice and habit. So if you are running your car at a high speed and taking sharp turns then you shouldn’t have large wheels. 

As it increases the pressure on the inner parts of your car and the small wheels can be a perfect choice for you. 

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  • Load Capacity

We should know that heavy wheels can handle more load because wheels are heavier. So if you want a durable impact and performance of your car then large wheels can be the perfect choice for you.

It depends on you how much weight you are carrying, if your vehicle is for heavy operation then just go for a large vehicle or else small wheels should be the preference. 

Even if you are driving with more weight in your car then the large wheels will provide you with a smooth and safe driving experience. 


That’s how the wheel size can impact your car and driving. Now it depends on you, if you want less noise and vibration then small wheels can be the best choice while if you want short brake distance and stability then large wheels can be the best choice. 

So we hope that things are clear to you and now you need to make your decision accordingly. You need to make sure that you have to choose the wheels as per the requirement of a car.