How Hemisphere GPS Canada is Revolutionizing the Surveying Industry

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Written By Berry Mathew

Hemisphere GPS Canada is revolutionizing the surveying industry. They are bringing innovative, high-performance GPS and GNSS technology to the world.

Hemisphere GPS was established in 2013 when its long-time distributor in China, UniStrong, purchased the precision products business and intellectual property from Hemisphere GPS Inc.

What is Hemisphere GPS Canada?

Hemisphere GPS Canada is a leading provider of cost-effective GNSS positioning, guidance and machine control solutions for the agriculture, construction and marine markets. The company is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, with significant product development, sales, and marketing facilities throughout the United States, Canada and Australia.

Hemisphere offers a broad range of GNSS-based products, including board-level OEM solutions, innovative smart antenna technology and receiver systems that are capable and versatile for use in various application areas, ranging from agriculture to construction and mining. A comprehensive global dealer network and service centers back these solutions.

The company also produces a wide range of precision GPS receivers, which are available in various accuracy and feature options. These receivers are designed for various applications and can be easily integrated into any machine.

With a strong focus on innovation and a proven technology foundation, Hemisphere GPS has become a leader in the satellite positioning and heading marketplace. The company holds many patents and intellectual property, has a diversified customer base, and sells under several leading brands in the GNSS industry.

Hemisphere’s GNSS solutions are based on the Athena RTK engine and Atlas GNSS global correction service, delivering scalable accuracies to sub-meter levels. These high-precision solutions have enabled Hemisphere to become a major force in the positioning market with strong growth across all segments and geographic regions.

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Design and Technology

Hemisphere GPS Canada is redefining the surveying industry by reimagining how we use GNSS technologies to improve safety and increase productivity. Their innovations include a full line of intelligent, smart antennas, GPS/GNSS receivers, and field/office software designed to meet the needs of today’s heavy equipment operators.

Hemisphere’s products are engineered to perform under the most challenging operating conditions imaginable, from navigating dense tree canopy to the harshest environments on Earth. Hemisphere’s innovative solutions help operators complete jobs faster, smarter and more efficiently while delivering a return on investment in less time and with lower risk.

The company’s main claim to fame is its Atlas satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS), whose name and acronym may be a mouthful but whose performance is unmatched. Their high-powered GPS/GNSS systems are designed to withstand various harsh environmental conditions without compromising accuracy or user satisfaction. Hemisphere’s state-of-the-art equipment is available for rent or purchase. 

Hemisphere’s products are proudly made in Canada, and their engineers and technicians are ready to deliver on your mission-critical requirements. You can contact Hemisphere anytime to discuss your project and how they can provide the best technology solution for your business.

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Accuracy and Precision

Surveyors and mappers face the arduous task of collecting accurate data on time. Before the advent of electronic data collectors, they had to rely on handwritten notes in field books to collect all necessary information. These notes were prone to error, were often incomplete, and were tedious to maintain.

Fortunately, technology has made it possible to create a better way of doing things. Thanks to GPS and GNSS, we can now use various equipment to ensure our data’s accuracy and precision.

One of the essential things that Hemisphere GPS has done is develop a series of new, innovative solutions to help professional surveyors work more efficiently. For example, they’ve developed a handheld data collector to connect to an RTK network for centimetre-level accuracy.

Hemisphere GPS also offers a wide range of products allowing users to collect their GNSS correction signals for accurate positioning. These products include the S320 network rover and XF2 handheld data collector, which can connect to Internet-based RTK corrections for various land surveying applications.

What is Hemisphere GPS Canada’s Future?

Hemisphere GPS Canada’s future will include continued expansion into the marine market with their Vector product line, providing fully scalable multi-frequency, multi-GNSS solutions for all professional and commercial marine navigation markets. 

It will also expand into the machine control industry with its GradeMetrix OEM machine control toolkit. This fully scalable software platform allows machine manufacturers to offer guidance and control solutions that they know their customers’ demands.

As part of the sale, Hemisphere will become a subsidiary of UniStrong and its current corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, will remain. Hemisphere’s GNSS engineering and finished product manufacturing teams will move to Calgary, Alberta, where they will continue to benefit from proximity to the University of Calgary.

At the same time, Hemisphere’s GNSS team will become a key member of UniStrong’s Global GNSS Solutions division, which includes companies that design and manufacture high-precision GNSS and positioning solutions, technology, and services for a wide variety of geospatial markets globally.

It is a combination that will create a new GNSS powerhouse and bring to bear all the expertise and resources needed to make it a force in this competitive sector. Hemisphere will retain substantial autonomy within the new UniStrong company while gaining strong investment and backing to expand operations in China.

This new partnership will enable Hemisphere to strengthen its presence in the marine, agriculture and machine control markets. Moreover, Hemisphere will benefit from UniStrong’s extensive experience developing and manufacturing high-performance GNSS systems for many of the world’s most challenging applications.