How Much Do Acting Classes Cost?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Acting is a craft that requires dedication and passion for mastering. If you’re hoping to take acting as a career, you’ll need to be trained by tutors or coaches who have mastered the art of acting. Thankfully, there are numerous affordable avenues, like the leading acting class by The Actor’s Group Orlando, where you can take acting classes and learn from professional acting tutors. On average, the cost of acting lessons ranges between $40 to $200 per hour if you’re taking private classes; the cost will differ if you’re taking group acting classes. In general, several factors affect the cost of taking acting classes, and we’ve broken them down for your better understanding in this article. 

Factors That Affects The Cost Of Acting Classes

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Type of Acting Classes

  • Private Coaching

Private acting classes are an excellent way to learn the basics of acting and explore your creativity in a safe and private environment. Private classes are more personal than public ones, so you can get individual feedback on your performance. They also offer the opportunity to experiment with different techniques, and they help you build your confidence gradually. 

There are many benefits of private acting classes, but they can be pretty expensive; these lessons may cost more than $200 per hour.

  • Group Acting Classes

Group acting classes are great for learning new skills, improving old skills, and meeting and learning with other colleagues. These classes will teach you how to work with other actors, and you’ll learn how to handle criticism more in group classes.

Group acting classes are often offered by tutors that take private acting classes. They are also offered in larger acting programs and acting institutions. If you choose acting institutions for your group acting class, you’ll pay more for the entire program; the cost will include your tuition, accommodations, feeding, and others. On the other hand, if you enroll in group acting classes offered by private acting tutors, it’ll cost you less. The average cost ranges between $200 to $2000 depending on the duration of the training program. 

  • Online Acting Classes

Online classes are a new trend in the world of education. They provide an opportunity for people to learn the craft of acting without having to leave their homes. These days, many online acting classes offer different levels of training, from introductory courses to advanced programs.

Oftentimes, people might think that these classes lack the hands-on experience and feedback that students would get in a traditional classroom setting. However, this is not true, as some online acting classes offer live sessions with instructors who give feedback and individualized help to students on camera. Online acting classes are more affordable, with the average cost ranging between $8 to $150.

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The cost of acting classes also depends largely on your location. In highbrow cities (such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and others), where the cost of living is generally on the high side, the cost of taking acting classes in these cities will also be high. In cities such as Orlando, where the cost of living is lower than the national average, you could get acting classes at a reduced price. However, acting schools usually offer significant discounts for in-state residents. For instance, if an out-of-state resident pays $35,000 for a year of acting course, an in-state resident could pay $10,000. Therefore, endeavor to inquire from the acting institutions in your location about the discount granted to residents enrolling in the school.


It’s a general rule of thumb that the longer the duration of the course, the more expensive it’ll be. This is the major reason why obtaining a diploma in acting is more expensive than a month course in acting. It could cost you $40,000 to $50,000 to take a year acting course, while taking a 4 weeks course could cost between $150 to $500.

Type of Course

There are various types of acting courses ranging from basic courses to intermediate courses and advanced classes. If you take a more intensive course, your acting classes will be more expensive. This is because advanced acting courses provide a more in-depth understanding of the craft. While basic acting courses introduce students to the acting craft, advanced classes teach students techniques that are not taught in basic courses, such as how to read scripts and the art of improvisation.

Whether you’re starting as a fresh aspiring actor or you want to learn new acting skills, make sure you choose a reputable acting school that’ll build you up adequately for your acting profession. Though it’s important to consider the cost before signing up for an acting class, be sure to consider the quality of the training that’s offered by the school before making your decision.