How much do criminal defense attorneys charge in Rochester?

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Immediately after your arrest in Rochester, you have to exercise your rights. You have the right to be silent. No matter what the police officer tells you, you don’t have to say anything. The second right under the Sixth Amendment is the right to have an attorney. When the police arrive to arrest you, do not resist that as you could face additional charges. However, you don’t have to say anything until you speak to an attorney. Many people don’t want to look for attorneys because they are worried about the costs. In this post, we are sharing what it takes to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Rochester.

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The cost of hiring a lawyer

While you can always consider self-representation or go for a public defender, none of that is unlikely to give you the desired outcome. Public defenders are working on numerous cases at once, and while they may have extensive experience, they cannot always devote the time that a case demands. A criminal defense lawyer can help you better and provide the expertise you need. Most law firms charge clients by the hour. Depending on the charges you face and the attorney’s experience, you may have to pay several hundred dollars per hour, but the good news is you can always get an estimate. You will have to pay a retainer fee, which is the upfront charge and is a norm for criminal cases.

Keep in mind that many criminal cases can continue for a very long time, and therefore, you could end up paying a lot more than what the lawyer quoted initially.

Do you need to consult a criminal defense attorney?

The short answer is yes. Even if you have committed to crime and intend to plead guilty, you need to meet a criminal defense attorney to know the best way to minimize the consequences. Your lawyer will look for loopholes in the prosecution’s case, consider whether the evidence was obtained through unfair means, and whether there is room to get the charges dismissed or reduced. In your best interest, you should get a lawyer as soon as you find out you are facing criminal charges or are a suspect. If you have been arrested, you must get a lawyer immediately.

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Final word

Hiring a criminal defense attorney may sound like an added cost, but considering the consequences of a conviction, this is your best chance to change the outcome.

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