How To Become A Massage Therapist?

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If you like to help people relax then see how to become a massage therapist for unloading their burden. Today I will tell you what are the important steps behind the massage therapist career. You will learn about the massage therapist programs courses, license exams, etc while reading further. I will share with you the practical requirements and the certification for a massage therapist. So without skipping any point read about how to become a massage therapist till the end.

How To Become A Massage Therapist?

The steps towards how to become a massage therapist are given in below.

  1. Massage Therapy Program
  2. Practical Knowledge
  3. Licensing Examination
  4. Application For License
  5. Certification
  6. Starting Practice

Let us see each step below in becoming a massage therapist in detail.

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Steps To Become A Massage Therapist

Here I have described how to become a massage therapist steps. After reading further you will come to know about the education, training, practice, and many more about massage therapists.

  1. Massage Therapy Program

The first important thing in the job of a massage therapist is to apply for a massage therapy program. In this program, you will learn a lot about the art of massage and the science behind massage and healing. You will explore a new path to a career with the program and courses available for massage therapy jobs. All the knowledge you get in this program is the basic approach to your work as a massage therapist. Joining the program will help you to learn how to become a massage therapist in Wisconsin valuable methods, techniques, massage ethics, regulation, human anatomy, physiology of the body, and many more.

  1. Practical Knowledge

Simultaneously when you complete your program you should gain more practical knowledge and experience. The better you practice how to become a massage therapist Reddit users say the more experienced you become. It will be useful to you for helping the patients, clients, and customers for relief satisfaction. So increasing the option of how to become a massage therapist online improves the practical hand you can join institutes offering internships. You will learn about kinesiology, movement of joints, and many more in the practical sessions.

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  1. Licensing Examination

The third next step in your massage therapy job is appearing for how to become a massage therapist near Houston, TX licensing examination. You will need to check out what are the requirements at first for getting a license as per the states you are applying for. You can choose your examination as per your specialty or the core therapy that you have opted for in a massage.

  1. Application For License

After appearing for the licensing exams you will need to move forward with the license application for massage therapist. You will come to know how much does it cost to become a massage therapist? Online by searching over the internet about the states and their respective government. Fees and all the required documents that you need to get verified at the time of submission in the licensure office. Select what type of how to become a massage therapist in Missouri license you need, as there are different specialties that we will see in the further point.

  1. Certification

Getting certification will be your next requirement for how to become a licensed massage therapist or a certified massage therapist. There are different certifications available for a job as a massage therapist. Below I have listed some of the special certificates for massage therapy providers.

  • Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork certificate (BCTMB)
  • Scandinavian Mobilization Therapy certificate
  • Medical Massage Therapy certificate
  • Sports Massage certificate
  • Zero Balancing Certification Program certificate
  • Stone Massage Therapist certificate
  • Structural Integration certificate (CESI)
  • Starting Practice

Starting practice is a continuous step as a massage therapist employee. You can practice how long to become a massage therapist at your new clinic or join with the big firms to earn money. There must be a question in your mind about the salary provided to massage therapists so let us see it below.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Massage Therapist?

It will take minimum 15 months of time for you to become a massage therapist. However, it depends upon you to complete your training in less duration or to practice and learn more for a better experience.

Massage Therapist Salary

Massage therapist earns upto $35000 per year as the median average salary. However, the scope for the job of how to become a massage therapist in Tennessee has increased due to the rise in demand from people requiring massage therapy. The innovations, machines, and equipment have improved the significance of massage and the professional who provide massage therapy.

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What Do You Need To Give Massage Therapist?

We spoke to two etiquette experts, who suggested leaving a 15% to 20% tip, if you’re able. Twenty percent is generous for the massage therapist and easy on the brain, which may be feeling more relaxed than ever after a massage. The math is straightforward.

Do You Have To Talk As A Massage Therapist?

They might make comments or questions in regards to pressure of the massage, observations of the body, or perhaps ask a question or two relating to your medical history so they get a better understanding of your body. This is necessary for a professional and effective treatment.

What Injuries Do Massage Therapists Get?

“Musculoskeletal disorders with upper extremities have been the most prevalent issues for massage therapists,” Kolodziej explains. “Rotator cuff injuries, wrist tendonitis and tenosynovitis, trigger fingers, bursa injuries in the shoulder and elbows are also common.”

How Can I Be A Good Massage Client?

It’s very important that you communicate about any recent injuries, areas of tenderness, things you like, things you dislike, etc. Open communication will help your massage therapist to apply the right techniques, and this will ensure you get what you came in for. Communication is key!

What Are The Cons Of Being A Massage Therapist?

This can mean standing for long hours, working with your hands all day, or being bent over a massage table for too long. As such, it’s easy to burnout physically from overworking your body. Common injuries in the massage therapy profession include tendonitis, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

How Many Hours A Week Should A Massage Therapist Work?

The average amount of hands-on work for most massage therapists is 15 hours per week (excluding administrative tasks, such as keeping client health records, bookkeeping, marketing, scheduling, maintaining supplies, etc.).

How Long Is Massage Therapy School In NY?

MT Program Course of Study

The 72-credit recommended course of study for the Massage Therapy program, with electives, outlined below is designed to be completed in 6 trimesters (or 2 academic years), but can be completed in 5 trimesters or 20 months as well.

Is Becoming A Massage Therapist Worth It?

An Enjoyable Career
Overall, massage therapists report a high level of job satisfaction for the work they do. In the 2021 U.S. News 100 Best Jobs survey, massage therapy was ranked among the best career paths. By pursuing a degree, you can enjoy a high level of job satisfaction, as well.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Massage Therapist In Delaware?

100 hours of anatomy and physiology. 300 hours of technique and theory of massage or bodywork therapy.


There must be no doubts in your mind about how to become a massage therapist after reading this article. As we discussed today the different things that are required to become a massage therapist professionally. I told you about the massage therapist education that you need, we saw about the programs and exams for the course of massage therapy. You came to know about the different certifications and massage therapist licensing process. So now you can share this data with anyone about how to become a massage therapist professionally.

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