How To Bypass Mobile Phone Number Verification In 2023

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Written By Berry Mathew

Verification via mobile number causes difficulties for many internet users. Its main purpose is to provide people with more security. However, with getting more functional, this feature also becomes more difficult to use. For example, sometimes it just doesn’t work with certain phone numbers for some reason. Some users also get in a situation when the verification code isn’t being sent even after multiple tries. Looking for a way to deal with this issue? Then take a look at the temporary phone number.

What does a temporary number mean?

Before beginning to utilize temporary phone numbers, many individuals are unaware what is the purpose of this feature. Because of this, some of them believe that operating one is difficult or perhaps prohibited. However, the facts do not support this viewpoint.

Temporary numbers are not all that dissimilar from regular mobile numbers. Just unlike them, they are utilized online through specialized websites and apps. Those are accessible with both smartphones and PC. You might practically use them from anywhere in the globe because of this. There is a need only for a gadget with an internet connection.

But this is not the sole distinction. Temporary phone numbers also give consumers the highest level of online privacy. When obtaining and operating them, no disclosure of private data is required. They cannot be used to identify those who use them and thus bring no chance of being bothered by spam text messages and calls. Furthermore, no software can be used to track such phone numbers. There is nothing to be concerned about in terms of privacy.

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Other advantages

High level of privacy is only one of the few advantages that temporary numbers have. Many more are available. For instance, they are pretty affordable. One temporary phone number often costs less than $1. Consequently, utilizing it is far less expensive than purchasing a SIM card from a cellular company. Other advantages of these numbers include:

  • Easy access all across the world. You may benefit from them without going anywhere. It is sufficient to begin utilizing the relevant website or app.
  • Simple activation. The whole activation process for a temporary number happens online and therefore requires making literally a few clicks.
  • Indefinite use. Every user is allowed to get and activate an unlimited amount of temporary phone numbers. No matter what the use, there are never any limitations.

You can see that temporary numbers have a variety of advantages. They might be used to complete practically any task that involves registration on online services. Because of this, internet users find them handy in many various situations. Multitasking, however, is not the most significant advantage of temporary phone numbers. The most significant of them is that it is possible to obtain a temporary number quickly.

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Provider to get a temporary phone number

There are many providers on the internet today. However, people who are going to use them for the first time must make a wise choice. The web is full of shady websites that offer bad-quality services for excessive prices. It is hard to find a good provider. SMS-Man is one of them though.

This company has been available on the market for more than five years. They now have a database with more than 500,000 users from all around the world. You might receive both short-term and long-term temporary numbers to sign up for any well-known international and local websites and apps with it. The process of using it is as follows:

  1. Register for a user account on
  2. Choose a practical payment option from those that are offered to replenish the balance. You have a few options to choose from, including a bank transfer, Coinbase, Payeer, Alipay, and others.
  3. Go to the home page of the website and choose the necessary cellular carrier country for a temporary phone number.
  4. Scroll down the page. Look for approved websites and apps list and find on it online service on which you are going to bypass OTP.
  5. Click the purchase button to get a temporary number.

You are almost there. At this point, simply use the obtained number as you would any other phone number. It functions in the same manner and doesn’t call for any unique activities.