How to Choose the Correct University and Course for You

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Written By Charlotte Miller

One of the most important and difficult decisions a student must make is selecting the university and the course to undertake. You can select a university at random or spend months researching the best option for your future needs. 

Regardless of the decision you make when you select the university and course or the route you take to have the university and course of your dreams, you will have to be happy in the end.

Therefore, you should go to the university open days with a smile. The course you choose will determine the university you will go to, and vice-versa is true. However, you can rely on the below tips to have the right university and course.

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  1. Consult university ranking

Check calculated averages and all major ranking tables when searching for the right universities. Some university ranking tables offer general ranking, while others provide a separate table for each subject. 

Be keen on important factors like the student-teacher ratio when selecting a course in a certain university. You can go for a lower teacher-to-student ratio for easy understanding in class.

  1. Check the different university library

One of the important facilities in any university is the library. While in the university, you will spend most of your time in the library. Therefore, it should be a comfortable learning environment. 

Also, check for other important facilities in or around the university, like a 24/7 café for “night owls” and “early birds”. A university with a conducive learning environment and a comfortable library is a dream of every student.

  1. Check out the course content

After selecting a certain university to further your education, check out the course content on their website. If you have a specific topic within the subject you are interested in, confirm if the university in question has it on its menu. 

Another option is to contact customer support of the university, and they will answer all your questions regarding the course content.

  1. Student accommodation

Since you are starting your university journey, you will probably move away from your family and home for the first time. Therefore, you must check the available accommodation plan of different universities. Ensure you get something nice and friendly to call your home for the next few years. Ensure you ask for services offered in the accommodation facilities since some will not offer food, so you will have to learn how to cook and use a washing machine.

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  1. The societies and sports offered

Whether you love playing poker, chess or football, you must select a club and society in the university to match your hobby. All universities will offer hundreds of extra-curriculum activities, and you should check to know what you will be walking into. Choose a university with the right society and club for you. Remember, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy!

  1. Study destination

Are you studying abroad or locally? If it is abroad, ensure you know the years of study, country, and course to undertake. Select a country that can offer internship and job opportunities after your school years.