How To Clean Your Glass Nail File Without Damaging It

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Written By Charlotte Miller

You can hardly find a person who doesn’t use a nail file these days. This small yet convenient accessory can instantly add a well-groomed look to your natural nails, help to spruce up your manicure and get rid of pesky hangnails, and much more. Therefore, it’s important to choose a file that suits your nail type and personal preferences. But what’s also important for the health and good look of your nails is the ability to properly clean your files.

You can be easily spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a nail file, as the market is inundated with offers. Today, you can buy a metal, ceramic, wooden, or glass file in one click online or get one from your local beauty shop. But if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that’s strong yet gentle enough on your nails, you can’t go wrong with glass!

The vast majority of glass file owners are satisfied with their choices yet when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting these tender instruments, a lot of questions might arise. So, if you’re also looking for effective tips that can help you care for your favorite glass file, go on reading. This article will get you covered.    

How Long Do Nail Files Last?

If you think that such a petite tool won’t withstand regular cleaning and disinfecting, you might be surprised to learn that quality glass files are made of toughened glass and they are totally free even of microscopic cracks, which ensures durability and adequate hardness. So, you should definitely not be afraid to clean them.

Why Clean a Glass Nail File?

Cleaning your glass file is an absolute must. Though not as porous as their emery board or metal counterparts, dirt can easily be trapped in your file’s grooves, thus inviting fungal and bacterial infections. It’s essential to keep your manicure tools clean of everyday dust, fingerprints, debris, and residue. And glass files are no exception.

How to Wash a Nail File after Use

The quickest and easiest way to clean your glass file is to wash it under running tap water after use. This method is ideal for regular cleaning, especially if you’re using your instrument to file off an occasional snag or remove a tiny callus on a cuticle. In such a case, you shouldn’t worry about cross infections, so it’s not necessary to use any cleaning solutions or soaps.

All you should do is rub your file with fingertips under running water to get rid of visible debris or dust immediately after use. You can also use high-density foam sponge or a soft-bristled brush to remove the remaining dirt from the dimples more effectively.  

How to Clean a Glass Nail File Using Soapy Solutions

Start off by creating a soapy solution for your cleaning purposes. For this, add a few drops of liquid soap or dishwashing detergent to a bowl with warm water and mix the resulting solution.

If there’s some ingrained dirt, mold, or greasy traces on your nail file, you want to give it a soak before starting the scrubbing job. Let your tool sit in the soapy solution for five minutes and you then remove any remaining dirt, oils, or solid deposits with a brush or high-density sponge. Don’t forget to attend to both sides! Rinse off and    

How to Disinfect a Glass Nail File  

Now that you know how to clean your crystal file, you want to disinfect it the right way.

The disinfecting procedure is quite straightforward. Spray a generous amount of rubbing alcohol onto your tool and let it dry off. Alternatively, you can wipe the entire surface of your nail file with a cotton disc or clean cloth.  

The good news is you can also sterilize your tempered glass nail file in a steam sterilizer and even use harsh detergents on them. But you still would be well-advised to consult your manufacturer’s recommendation on the use and maintenance of a particular product.

How to Store a Glass File

Lots of people wonder how to sharpen their glass nail files, whose gritty coating might wear down over time. The truth is, there’s nothing you can do once your crystal file becomes smooth and cannot do its job. Still, what you can definitely do is store it properly to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Make it your rule to put your file in a dedicated suede, leather, or plastic case. It will protect your tool from cracks, scratches, dust, and excessive humidity.  

Keep your file away from direct sunlight in a cool dry place. This way, your nail file can do a better job for longer, which, in turn, can help you maintain your nail health.