How To Decide Between Hiring An Architect Or A Designer

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Written By Berry Mathew

Many homeowners are stuck between hiring an architect or a designer. This is mainly because they do not know what each professional does and what separates their job description. If you’re in the same shoes, this resource from Lifetime Exteriors will throw more light and help you decide who’s best for you.

For clarity, the article will assess each professional and what they do while offering a general roundup to help you make a choice.

What Do Architects Do?

Registered architects are trained professionals who have undergone intense training at the university level and have become registered members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Being a highly regulated field, these professionals help keep the public safe through their knowledge of structural design and construction materials.

Architects also have good knowledge of project management, engineering, construction, building designs, and more. They have the answers to common questions regarding structures and structural integrity, dimensioning and installation measurement, construction material, and design strength.

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When You Need An Architect

Much of the confusion around hiring a designer or an architect revolves around specific needs. Below are some situations where you need an architect’s experience and expertise.

When Undergoing A Retrofitting Project 

You need an architect when planning a retrofitting project, as this requires you to plan and execute designs that fit the proper building code. Your architect can help with the design and structural retrofitting process while advising you on the dos and don’ts based on your local community’s building codes and regulations.

When Planning A Remodeling Project     

Home remodeling can be tasking. While it gives you a chance to reinvent your living space, you also need to consider the legality and structural accuracy of what you’re building. An architect can help you assess your design needs and weigh the structural changes in mind. They can also advise you on how best to achieve your aim without compromising safety standards.

Please be advised that not all remodeling projects require the expertise of an architect. You may not need an architect if your project doesn’t require structural changes.

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When Planning An Energy-Efficient Remodel

Homeowners remodel their homes for many reasons, including energy use efficiency. You need to consult with an architect when planning an energy-efficiency remodel. Your architect is in a good place to advise you on areas to improve and how to implement such changes to ensure structural integrity.

When You’re Planning A Complete Rebuild

Completely rebuilding your home is a capital-intensive project that should be done right. An architect will help you with the design process and also walk you through it all, from foundation laying to the external and internal wall heights. They’ll also help with construction material choices and plan the building to code.

What Does A Designer Do?

Designers are professionals who bring various elements together to create a livable space. While architects work on the building’s structure, materials, designs, and structural integrity, designers focus on making the interior space the best it can be.

Designers help with all things ranging from color coordination to space management etc. They also help with all the elements that make the interior space whole, from the tiles to wall elements, storage options, furnishing and furniture choices, etc.

When To Hire A Designer

Interior space planning and management 

Designers are great at space planning and bringing each interior element together to form a fluid and cohesive appearance. You should hire a designer if you want to change the look and feel of your interior space. These professionals can also help with introducing new furniture of elements into your home or living space.

Deliberating interior theme, style, and décor

Designers come in handy when you’re overwhelmed with interior color options, styles, themes, color combinations, and more. They can help with choosing the right décor to match your dream space. They can also help you spice up your indoor space by introducing elements that deeply resonate with your person, mood, and goals.

Budget-friendly designs

You can also hire designers when you’re looking to create a sense of luxury on a budget. Interior designers can help you create the perfect indoor space by using their knowledge of colors, styles, patterns, decoration, and space planning. You can also trust them to work within your budget to pull off a masterpiece when and where needed.

Personalized Interior Needs

Creating a personalized interior space can be a hassle when you cannot access all the elements needed to bring the feel and look together. On the other hand, designers know what is right for each space based on their interaction with you. They can help you to create the perfect indoor space suitable for your preferences.

Going by the descriptions above, both the architect and designer are important to your construction process. However, their roles in the overall plan are different. Start by hiring an architect for the plan and a designer to give your space the final finishing touches.