How To Design Your Fireplace For Each Season

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Written By Charlotte Miller

While a fireplace conjures up images of winter winds outside and roaring flames, this cozy heating accessory is part of your living space year-round. You need a berth, some height, asymmetry, organic shapes, and layers of cool things to look at. Whether you have an electric  fireplace mantel or a modern fireplace TV cabinet with the right decoration, it can reflect your style and mood elegantly.

Before deciding on any décor, understand the design tactics used to balance the pieces you add to your fireplace to create a cozy and symmetrical look.

Design methods for your cloak

There are a pair of elements that make any fireplace look well sharply and expertly styled. You need a berth, some height, asymmetry, organic shapes, and layers of cool things to look at. This is any big slice that will take up most of the space on top of your mantle. It can be a large golden mirror, a crown, or a work of art. Most interior designers start by choosing an anchor and designing the rest of the mantle around this piece.

If you have a fireplace TV stand, the TV will be the main anchoring piece around which you can decorate. Consider mounting your TV on the wall to provide additional surface space for accent pieces.


Chandeliers, a vase or stacked books add height to the base of your fireplace TV and interesting visual juxtapositions. Old books are often elevated with their ancient covers, but try to scatter older books with ones with colorful spines like art books for a thrilling combination.

Group strange numbers of objects of different heights and aesthetics for an eclectic look. For a more traditional look, use even numbers of similar objects, such as pairs of chandeliers at each end of your mantle or TV stand.

Organic forms

Adding natural elements helps smooth out the sharp edges of your fireplace. Choose vegetables or plants that won’t fall or fall apart on all your furniture, like succulents. Select a category of the stem, even if you are using dissimilar sizes and shapes of vases, for the right move. Organic substances can also help you more exactly reflect the season. While the flowers and buds are good for the warmer months, bare branches or evergreens are the ideal way to integrate natural elements when the weather is cooler.


Using interesting layering techniques can create a lot of depth in a minimal amount of space. By building rows of interesting objects in your fireplace, you give viewers a new perspective every time they look.

Once you’ve decided how the items you select will work together, you can start selecting specific objects and art to exhibit around the shelves and cubicles on your fireplace TV stand.

Bring the fresh air

Fresh or dried flowers, shells, feathers, or the twisted piece of petrified wood that you collected on your last trip to the sea are great options as ornaments for your mantle. Many people place pine, holly, or oak garlands on their mantles each Christmas season. But you don’t have to stop reflecting on the natural changes in the world when the New Year rolls around.

Each season has its unique beauty; The blueberries that come out in the fall are gorgeous turquoise and purple in color and speckled like robin’s eggs. A dew of forsythia in the spring will herald the arrival of the growing season again.

Baubles and Bric-a-brac

Having some precious memories is normal for most people. We cling to objects that remind us of certain people or places. The trick to keeping your cloak from looking too kitsch is to keep it sober. Too many knickknacks, and you may have to deal with dusting each one individually.

Pick out a few pieces thought to be unique and memorable, and mix them up with the other pieces you’re using to decorate your fireplace TV stand.

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Bold Paintings

Illustrations add color and movement to space. But the artwork you choose will depend on the space available on the wall. If you have a traditional fireplace mantel, a large piece that coordinates with your living room décor scheme can be the perfect focal point on the mantel.

However, bold art prints can detract from the TV for a hearth TV stand and make a visually cluttered space. If your TV is wall-mounted, you can place two matching small pieces of art on either side to achieve symmetry.

Merge shape and pattern

The key to creating an intriguing visual display on the top shelf of your TV stand is combining interesting combinations of shapes, such as curves and swirls, with well-contrasting patterns, such as plaid or stripes.

Textiles, art prints, and book covers are great options for adding textural interest to space, and you can easily customize the pattern based on the season. Use floral and pastel prints for spring, neutral and nautical prints for summer, and plaids and warm colors for fall.

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Simple and glamorous

Sometimes the simplest ornaments make the most vivid impression. you simply need a couple of components to doll up your lebensraum. Gold accents or a reflective ornate mirror with just one or two select objects can create a sleek, streamlined look.

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Add a little quirkiness

Having fun decorating your home is the key to creating a space where you enjoy spending time. Simple details like children’s toys or neon colors add flamboyance to the more serious cloak, creating a unique look.

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Follow the holidays

If you are one of those who likes to change your decoration to reflect the upcoming holidays, you will have a fixed schedule that will help you refresh your fireplace decorations according to the season. To prevent your seasonal exchanges from becoming too stale, don’t set the same old screen year after year. Use just one or two of your holiday displays and save the rest for another year’s festivities. To help keep your décor fresh, focus on one aspect of the holiday you enjoy and play by your fireplace. If you are particular about greenery and garlands that appear during the holidays, use fresh pine branches to add a wonderful tone, texture, and scent to your living space.

When Easter is approaching and you want to celebrate the arrival of the growing season, a glass bowl with white paper or hyacinth bulbs is a perfect choice. You can clearly see the growing process from anywhere in the room, and once they bloom, they smell great. And if you have an infrared or forced air heater, you don’t have to worry about drying out your plants as a normal wood-burning fireplace would.