How to Detect Water Leaks in Walls?

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Written By Juliet D'cruz

Solid home plumbing is a sign of accurate fitting and proper maintenance. Home plumbing is responsible for smooth daily activities. However, due to wear and tear or poor maintenance routine, the pipes behind walls develop leaks, causing extensive damage and unexpected repairs or replacements. 

Detecting water leaks in walls is necessary to prevent structural damage. Consulting with the best San Jose plumbers can help. Experts know the best way to find the exact location of the problem and employ accurate solutions.

Finding leaks in the walls is necessary to prevent expensive damage. Homeowners can refer to the following ways for detecting water leaks in walls.

  1. Mold growth on the walls is a telltale sign of water leaks. Those black and brown spots can harm your health if you delay the solution.
  2. You might notice a musty smell if the leak is left for longer. This is because walls absorb water emitting a musty smell.
  3. Fluctuating water bills are another sign of water leaks in the walls.
  4. Peeling paint, bubble-like texture, or drooping sections indicated water leaks in the walls. Discoloration also indicates water leaks in walls.
  5. Strange plumbing noises like whooshing or constant drip emanating from the fixtures indicate a leak problem.
  6. Lush green patches of grass in your yard.
  7. Check the appliances in the kitchen, laundry, and bathrooms. If you find any puddles, you might want to call professional plumbers in Oakland.
  8. Check the toilet’s flapper for interior leaking.

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Some pipes and fixtures are more susceptible to leaking. For example, an older water heater can cause leaks because it’s prone to corrosion developing pinholes. In addition, water pipes connecting with exterior faucets can freeze and burst in cold weather. To handle this problem, you can install leak detectors in these spots. A leak detector raises the alarm indicating a water leak. This allows you some time to shut off the main valve to prevent further damage.

It’s always better to schedule routine inspections to prevent expensive damages. Professionals can warn you of potential leaks and damage, giving you adequate time for remediation.


A wet spot on your walls or roof is an alarming sign of water leaks or a severe plumbing problem. While some leaks occur in easy-to-find spots like the bathroom or kitchen sink, others happen in the walls, sneaking out of your sight. If these problems go unnoticed for a long time, you might notice cracked walls or mold growth. Let your plumbers in Modesto know about the situation to offer you the best solution. Professionals have the appropriate equipment and expertise to identify the exact cause. Consulting with them can save you time and money in the long run.