How To Determine The Performance Of Instagram Reels?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Instagram reels are a great feature of Instagram that first launched in 2020 but soon faded behind every other Instagram feature in popularity. They allow you to showcase your creativity without being an expert in creating great content. You can get pro with time and keep experimenting with your reels.

Today, we will dive into how you can check your success rate and performance. If you are a content creator and want to improve your performance on Instagram, you have come to the perfect place. We will explore how to determine the performance of Instagram reels.

What are Instagram Reels Insights?  

Instagram reel insights are a great tool featured by Instagram that allows its users to measure the engagement metrics of their reels. This feature lets you see how much attention each Insta reel and post is gaining from your audience. The insights of an Instagram reel include views, comments, shares, number of new followers, engagement rate, and reach.

Pro Uses Instagram Insights for Measuring Reels Performance  

Measuring Instagram reel performance can help you increase your video content performance, views, impressions, and engagement. Following are some benefits of measuring your reel performance.

  • It helps you determine which theme or strategy works best to grow your business and which is not.
  • This feature helps you locate your flop content and improve your future performance.
  • Insights help you decide what type of posts drive more traffic so you can put promotional ads for your skills or business.
  • You can look at your reach, new visits, and engagement to determine the ideal time to post reels and achieve maximum viewership.
  • Insights into your reels can be seen anytime, without any restriction.

Important Facts to Remember

You can’t rely solely on Instagram’s algorithms to analyze your content success rate; don’t forget that it first depends on your efforts to make quality content. Following are some factual tips for you to keep in mind.

Successful Reel

A successful reel doesn’t have to be viral, although your content going viral will be a champion trophy for you. But my opinion is that if your reel garners 10x more interaction and impressions on your profile than your previous reels, it’s a successful reel. Keep it up, and try making more great content following that particular theme.  

Flop Reel

A reel with just a handful of likes and zero comments is a flop reel for me. To avoid getting your reels flopped, you must know the reasons behind the flop. There can be many reasons, including low quality, missing subtitles or captions, a lack of catchy filters, smooth transitions, effects, music, and more.  

Keep Experimenting

You should keep spotting the ongoing trends to gain traffic toward your reels. This piece of effort that you can do with just a little scrolling can do wonders for your Insta reels. You can also save Instagram reels that trending in the world of reels using any online Instagram reels downloader to use their audio in your reels. Just don’t stop yourself at some successful reels. Keep exploring your creativity and experimenting with your content with “Insta Reels Saver”. You can experiment with your Instagram reel video download and create eye-catching reels and engage more audience.   

Interact More  

If you want to increase your engagement metrics, you need to interact more with your followers through your stories, DMs, and especially in the comment sections under your reels. Promote your Instagram reels well, and appreciate your loyal followers for sharing your content on stories or with their other friends. Be kind and approachable to your followers.

How Can We Check Reels Insights?

You must ensure, before checking your insights, that you convert your page into a business page. Then you will be able to check the overall performance of your profile by simply going into “settings” and opening the “professional dashboard.” You can explore your insights deeply there. For individual reels, you can simply check the insights by clicking the three dots on the right, which include the total number of views, likes, shares, comments, and impressions.  

Final Thoughts  

Over the years, Instagram has launched some incredible features, making it one of the leading social media platforms. Instagram’s reel feature has taken the platform to new heights. However, Instagram insights came in handy with the Instagram reels for checking their performance and reach. I hope this article has cleared up your confusion regarding how to determine the performance of Instagram reels.