How To Easily Get Invoice Reports From Google Ads

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Written By Charlotte Miller

When you take some time to think about how the business world has changed in the past few decades, you’ll realize that companies have had the task of making some enormous adjustments. Sure, things are always changing and some minor adjustments are always necessary, but that’s not exactly what I am hinting at here. Instead, I am hinting at the fact that companies have had to switch from some of those old and traditional forms of marketing to online marketing.

The idea here was not to completely ignore those traditional advertising forms that people have been using for quite a long time. Instead, the actual idea was to slowly shift towards online marketing while also taking advantage of some of the old-school techniques as well. In other words, these two nowadays have to be combined if you want to get the best results. When combining them, though, one surely takes precedence over the other today.

Whether we like it or not, the online world takes precedence when it comes to marketing these days. This simply means that you won’t really be able to rely solely on those traditional advertising methods if you want to succeed. So, if you still haven’t done it, make sure to shift towards the world of online marketing and use it to your advantage. Your business will undeniably thank you for it. Click this to get a better idea about why digital marketing is important for businesses nowadays.

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There Are Different Types, Though

In the past, when people mentioned digital marketing, they probably had one or two specific things in mind. I am talking about the period when this concept first started evolving, since there weren’t a lot of different techniques and types to rely on back then. Things have changed, though, meaning that we now have various different types of online marketing. So, when someone mentions this term today, you’ll probably have no idea what exactly they are talking about until they get a bit more specific.

In short, online marketing has become an umbrella term for various different types and techniques that people can nowadays use in order to promote their business through the online world. If you’ve done some research about it already, or if you’ve been running a company for a while now, then you are most likely familiar with a lot of those different types, including SEO, SMM, PPC and similar things. Of course, there are so many different terms in this world now that you are bound to get confused from time to time about what it all means.

This, however, does not mean that you won’t be able to get the hang of it all, and figure out precisely which types and strategies you want to use in order to promote your company. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you’ll never be relying solely on one strategy, because there are various ones to consider and you should combine them in order to get the best results. I know that this might all sound overwhelming, and it can definitely be overwhelming from time to time. Yet, if you partner up with the right experts and let them handle your strategies, things are bound to get easier.

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As Well As Different Tools

Speaking of things getting easier, here is another important fact you should know. Just like there are different marketing types and strategies nowadays, there are also different tools that you can use in order to implement those strategies. I think it’s safe to say that there are more tools than strategies, because different companies develop different resources that can help you do one and the same thing. It is up to you which channels and tools you want to use, but there are certainly some that should never be taken for granted.

Google Ads Is One Of Those

Google Ads is definitely one of those tools that you should never take for granted. Of course, as you can see at, there are some more tools that you can connect to this one in order to get the best out of it, but let us not get ahead of ourselves. For now, we have to explain what Google Ads does for you and how you can use it to get great results during your online marketing campaign.

Basically, this is an online advertising platform that Google has developed in order to help companies bid for certain service offerings, brief advertisements, videos or product listings. The idea behind it is to place ads both in those Google search results when your potential customers are searching for something, and on some other, non-search, websites, including videos and mobile aps. With the help of this tool, you can raise awareness of your brand, increase website traffic, as well as generate more leads and make more sales, which is the ultimate goal.

The great thing about Google Ads is that the tool gives you complete control of your spending. In different words, you decide exactly how much you want to spend per month on certain ads, and there are no limits and minimum amounts that you have to invest. On top of that, the ads are designed in a way that allows you to pay only for those that actually help you reach your goal, meaning that you won’t be spending money in vain. Instead, you’ll pay based on the performance of the ad, which is certainly a great thing, especially for those businesses that are highly careful with their budgets. Well, aren’t we all?

How To Get Invoice Reports From Google Ads

Since I have mentioned Google Ads and since I have explained how it actually works money-wise, you must have started wondering one thing. In short, you need and want to know exactly how much money per month you are spending on these ads, and you want to get a better idea about how successful those actually are, so that you can make future advertising plans accordingly. This is what good marketers do, isn’t it?

Well, in order to do that, you will definitely need to think about the invoicing process. Or, to put it simply, you’ll need to have insight into your spending trends and habits, and the performance of your ads, and you’ll be able to get the insights by relying on invoices. There is absolutely nothing unusual about this. After all, while Google Ads might be a newer-generation tool, invoices have been around for a long, long time, and I’m sure you understand their specific importance.

Anyway, I am sure that you have done your research on why you should use Google Ads, and I am sure that you are now ready to do the research on how to actually get those invoice reports easily. As we have explained already, you need those invoices in order to track your performance and constantly be aware of precisely how much you are spending on certain ads. When you get information about that, calculating your ROI will be easy, and you’ll get to understand if there are certain ads that aren’t performing well, as well as if there are some great ones that you should keep running for a longer while.

So, it is clear to you that getting the invoice reports is extremely important. The only thing is, you might not really know how to do it. Well, that is where I come in, because I have some suggestions to make and some tips to give you regarding the process of getting those reports. Thus, if you continue reading, you will get a much better idea about how to actually get your reports easily and continuously, without having to put too much effort into it. Here we go.

  • Do It Manually

Of course, the first thing you can do is constantly keep getting your invoices manually, by entering the Google Ads Manager, then clicking on the Billing section, proceed to the Invoices page, choose which invoices you want to see at that point in time and then download them if that’s what you want. I’ve mentioned above, though, that you’ll get a better idea about how to get these reports without putting too much effort into it. And, we cannot fail to observe that the manual process I’ve explained isn’t exactly that quick and easy as you might have expected it to be. That is why I have a better suggestion to make.

  • Integrate With A Great Tool

As already explained, there are numerous tools out there that you can use for advertising purposes, as well as for the purposes of easily getting the reports you need. If you are aiming at automating the process of getting those Google Ads invoice reports and if you want to count on easily receiving all of the receipts, as well as gaining continuous insight into your ad spending, then here is what you should do. Integrate your Google Ads with a great tool that can offer you precisely what you need, and we’ve explained above, while also allowing you to easily get monthly invoices pulled from your account for easy and quick overview.

  • But Make Sure To Find The Right One

Using one of those tools can undeniably be of extreme help, because it will allow you to get all the relevant information without going through the trouble of finding it over and over again, and spending a lot of time doing that. You will get all the reports quickly and easily and you will, thus, have a better overview of your spending, of the success of your ads, and of your ROI in general. So, integrating one of these tools with Google Ads is a great idea, but you do need to be careful when choosing the actual tool.

To put it simply, there are a lot of companies out there that will offer you their tools and the integration option that we have mentioned. Yet, not all of those programs will be as amazing as you would want them to be. This is why you need to be quite careful when making the choice, which means that you should take all the time you need to thoroughly research the various tools that you’ll come across and then finally choose the one that you believe will be best for your business.

  • Research The Tool Providers Before Choosing As Well

When trying to pick the right tool, you will also have to take some time to research the providers, i.e. the companies that have created them. This is because you want to cooperate with a reputable and reliable company, as you want to be sure that you’ll get the best value out of these programs. Thus, don’t forget to research the providers and compare your findings. Once you’ve done the comparisons, you’ll be ready to choose.

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