How to Find a Full-Service Solar Marketing Company in Sacramento

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Written By Charlotte Miller

The generation of electricity is gradually shifting from the usual to solar energy. The demand for solar power is on the high side. With this, the niche has become a profitable one for companies. However, solar companies will need more marketing efforts to excel in the business.

Despite the rising demand for this energy source, producers and sellers need to put in a lot of marketing effort. The profitability of the business has sparked the interest of several investors. In Sacramento alone, we can record an average of over 2200 solar companies.

No matter the level of your business, there is a need to market your products. Several growing brands choose to advertise their products by themselves. However, using a full-service solar marketing company is best. You can check out Sacramento solar marketing agency for marketing options available to you.

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Steps to Hiring a Solar Marketing Firm

Marketers are very experienced in branding and can help your business stand out. The quality of your product is a primary factor during production. However, having an outstanding brand image is necessary to stay relevant.

Whether you are new to business, or your company is established, the benefits of a marketer are unquestionable. However, finding a reliable one requires taking some steps. Find below eight steps that can help you find one.

Identify What Your Brand Represents

Several businesses do not have a brand representation. You may feel that you know. However, do not confuse business with a brand. A brand refers to the image of your business.

What do people relate to your business? It can be a color, an animal, a symbol, or a slogan. A brand image is necessary if you need your business to have public recognition. For example, we can all relate to the apple company when we see a product with the half-bitten apple symbol. A brand helps your company to be unique.

Marketers need an understanding of your brand to do a proper job of promoting your product and company. Therefore, you should have an idea of what your brand should be. The marketer might ask you to relate your company to an animal, celebrity, or color.

Have a Goal

You should note that business goals and marketing goals are not the same. In business, the primary goal is to increase revenue. However, the latter can be to improve your brand awareness. Even though both have the same aim, you should have a marketing goal.

Setting goals will give you a sense of expectation. With this, the agency stays in check. The last thing you want to do is pay for a job that does not get delivered. You can click on to see some examples of marketing goals.

It Is Time to Research

Once you have an ideal brand alongside a marketing goal, it is time to begin your search. You are probably wondering how to go about this. Well, thanks to the internet. There are several search engines available on the internet. However, the most popular is Google.

Most companies have website addresses that are on the search page. You can find several agencies on the page after a search. However, you should be careful not to choose just any agency. Most companies pay to get their site on the first list and might not offer quality service.

You can make a list from your search. Write down a minimum of ten agencies. It will help you make a proper comparison.

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Get a Marketer Do Not Get a Name

We cannot overemphasize the importance of this point. A marketing firm should be able to market itself first. If they do not have a convincing sales page or strategy for drawing the attention of their clients, you should move on. Focus on getting a marketer and not a beautiful name.

A good firm will own a great website. Ensure that information on the site is clear and detailed. The website should state what services they offer. Some include SEO, lead nurturing, videography, lead generation, and more.

You can search for the company on social media. There, you might find helpful information. Most social networks have categories for reviews. You might find a review or comment on their services that will help in your decision.

Check Their Portfolio

One major thing their website should feature is a portfolio. It should show the kind of job done in the past years. Sometimes it will be tagged as “our jobs” There, you can find the categories of jobs they have done.

Here is where setting goals comes in handy. After viewing their portfolio, you can decide if they are best for the job. They may not be for you if you need a performance marketer, and their best jobs were in design services. You can read this article to know what a portfolio is.

Give Them a Call

 You may have a selected few left after taking the steps above. Now, you should reach out to them. You can send an email or give them a call. If you are contacting them through email, ensure you make it short and precise.

The email you are sending should contain the details about your business. You can additionally add your website link. Ensure you clearly state the reasons why you are considering their team. 

Also, make known the services that interest you. You can request to meet directly with the account manager. Some companies prefer a scheduled conference call on the first meeting.

Request a Detailed Quote

The next thing you should do is request a detailed breakdown of the job they intend to do. It should contain details of the marketing strategy, goals, and objectives, and how they plan to achieve them. It can also carry details of the pricing structure.

Select a Team

After getting the quotes and comparing them, you should make a choice. Ensure you take the following into consideration

  • Their Price structures
  • The marketing strategy they intend to use
  • The quality of service they can provide
  • Their customer care response


Several companies overlook the benefits of investing in their brand. With experience and knowledge, a marketer can bring your company to light. Finding the right marketer can be quite tasking. However, following the steps above might make this less tasking.