How to find cheap rental car prices?

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Written By Berry Mathew

Many car rental companies have made it easier than ever to find cheap car rental rates online. Renting a car can give you freedom and flexibility when you travel, and it can also be a wonderful vacation experience.

Book your car in advance

The best way to save money on a rental car is to book as early as possible. You’ll usually pay a lot more for rentals made at the last minute and during peak seasons.

Car rental prices change like airline fares: if you miss it, you might not get it anymore. So, if you find a great deal, book it right away!

Always check the provider’s rates

After reviewing your options on your favorite aggregator site before making a reservation, don’t book anything yet.

Find the best deal on the rental car company’s website and compare it with the rates on the aggregator site.

On occasion, the official website may offer a unique discount or deal that cannot be found elsewhere.

Find discounted rental car rates

There are many ways to get a coupon or discount code for a rental car.

If you’re a member, subscribe to a program or association’s newsletter as they often have great deals. You can also contact the program or association.

Discount car rental coupons can also be found on business websites.

You can also check out websites that specialize in discount codes and coupons.

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Add only one driver to your reservation

A driver is included in the car rental price

You can always add more drivers, but there will usually be a daily fee for each. You’ll save a lot of money if you give all the driving control to just one person, as long as it’s safe and makes sense to do so.

Keep in mind that drivers under the age of 25 are subject to additional or higher fees from most car rental companies.

Beware of gas policy fees

A common rental car tactic is to give you a full tank of gas that you pay for in advance and then ask you to return it empty. Fuel that is not used is not refundable.

Companies can charge significantly more per liter of fuel compared to local prices. So, if you choose to take it with a full tank, return it with a full tank, and make sure the tank is full when you return it. If you don’t, you end up paying ridiculously high fees to buy more fuel.

The best businesses have policies like “full to full” or “partial and return as found,” so you only pay for the fuel you use. This is due to the fact that you can return it either empty or with the same amount of fuel that you received.

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Skip any upgrades

Apart from the vehicle upgrades you can choose during the booking process there are many extras and add-ons that will tempt you, all of which will result in a much more expensive rental car.

Pay attention to what is being offered to you, and if possible, simply decline the offer.