How To Manage Home Cleanliness With Your Busy Schedule?

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Written By Berry Mathew

Who does not like a clean house that smells like fresh roses? However, because life is so busy today, finding time for cleaning can be challenging. Isn’t it? From work to managing social responsibilities and spending time with kids, finding me time is more demanding than fitting cleaning into the schedule.

Thus, cleaning takes a backseat, and your house looks like a storm blew over just your place. Isn’t it? Yet, a messy house keeps nagging you, as relaxing in a falling-apart house is not easy. So, instead of dreading cleaning, find a system that works for you. For instance, find a simple process that works for you and follow it consistently. That will allow you to have a clean home without sacrificing too much “me’ or ‘family’ time.

Do Not Strive For Perfection.

With a busy lifestyle, striving for a spotless house is a long shot. You must be okay with a home that is a bit messy, and if that happens occasionally, it’s okay. If you keep running after perfection, you will drive yourself crazy. Rather than striving for spotlessness, be okay with clean enough and give yourself grace when things are not looking better. Be fine with a bit of mess, and you will find that cleaning becomes easier.

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Stick To A Routine

Cleaning should not be a difficult task. However, to have reliable cleaning, you need a schedule and routine. For example, you could dedicate one day to cleaning and make a mental or physical list of everything needing organizing or dusting that day. For instance, do you have piles of laundry or a dusty bookcase? Then make a note of it and clean it first thing on your cleaning day, a day that works for you.

Create a schedule that works for you by finding a day with less work that doesn’t hamper your me-time or other responsibilities.

Be Consistent With Your Products.

Another thing that can help with cleaning on a tight schedule is being consistent with products. If you keep changing your products, you will never be satisfied with the results. Instead, find natural, organic, and fresh cleaning products that keep your house clean without bringing toxic chemicals into your life.

Moreover, buy refillable cleaning products to ensure you don’t have to deal with too many bottles while doing your part for the environment.

On a similar note, keep cleaning supplies in the right area. It means kitchen cleaning supplies should be in the kitchen and bathroom ones in the bathroom.

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Decluttering Is Important

If you often feel your house or room is too messy, declutter your home immediately. Cleaning the house and keeping it organized becomes easier when there is less clutter. Start small, and you will find many things you are willing to give away or throw away.

Divide Tasks Into Daily And Weekly Chores

You have set up a cleaning day to do your weekly chores. However, there are a few things you need to do every day to keep the house looking nice, inviting, and healthy. For instance, making the bed, putting the dishes in the dishwasher, keeping the toys in their place, and more are daily tasks. If you do not do it, you will not find a single space to relax.

Other weekly tasks include:

  • Vacuuming.
  • Organizing the toy drawer.
  • Trimming the garden, washing sheets.
  • Doing other household chores.

Dividing the tasks and assigning a day to cleaning is the perfect way to have a spotless house with a hectic schedule.

Clean Only The Area That Needs Cleaning

On the day you clean the house, do not start doing every nook and cranny of the house. That will drain your energy, take more time, and make you too tired for other things. Instead, find places that need cleaning. For instance, if the bathroom is dirty or disorganized, start there. You do not have to dust the bookcase the same day, especially if it looks clean. Prioritizing what needs cleaning and what does not make cleaning simpler.

Finding time within a busy schedule to do house cleaning is challenging. But neglecting it can lead to a messy house, which becomes a breeding ground for diseases. So, use the above tips to keep your home clean, beautiful, and inviting.