How to Match Your Outfit with the Perfect Footwear

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Written By Charlotte Miller

How to Match Your Outfit with the Perfect Footwear

After you’ve figured out what to wear, one of the next decisions to make is what kind of footwear to wear with it. However, this can be quite tricky, since some types of shoes don’t always match with everything that you could be wearing, and the wrong choice could ruin your look completely. To help you solve this conundrum, we’ve put together this handy guide on how to match your outfit with the perfect footwear from The Dough Store.

What Should I Wear to Work?

Most people are most concerned about what they should wear on their heads and face, but it’s important not to neglect your feet. A mismatched outfit can create a poor first impression, which makes sense. 

Wearing a skirt or pants and flat shoes while also sporting clunky black heels won’t make you look professional or put together, especially if you plan on standing all day at work. To avoid being judged based on your footwear choices, start by matching colour—and end by adding style. Here are some great tips for how to match outfits with footwear.

Casual vs. Formal

Like most clothes categories, shoes can be divided into casual and formal, as well as different subcategories within each. For example, you might wear different styles of casual shoes when you go hiking or hit up a barbecue versus sporting them at work. Likewise, dress shoes can be broken down into oxfords and brogues (for more formal outfits) and clogs and mules (for less formal outfits). However, unlike clothing sizes, shoe sizes are usually standard across brands. 

Even for a pair of running sneakers that you’re sure will fit your foot perfectly—make sure you get both a men’s version and a women’s version in order to make sure they fit as intended. Most importantly—if it hurts, don’t buy it!

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Black Shoes, Where Are They?

Black shoes are one of those pieces in your wardrobe that never goes out of style. Black loafers, boots and even heels are great for year-round wear. There’s no need to break them out of your closet just because you’re going on a warm-weather vacation – black shoes can take you anywhere. 

When it comes time to pack, make sure these black beauties are on top of your list, so they don’t get left behind. Some shoes do not pair well with certain outfits, yet other shoe styles can complete a whole ensemble.

Comfortable Heels

We’ve all been there. After a long day at work, it’s hard to decide whether you want to deal with another pair of heels for a night out on the town. And when your feet are screaming at you in pain, it’s tempting just to wear flats. But what about those times when you really want heels? Instead of settling for uncomfortable shoes that only last through one night, here’s how you can wear them without blisters or broken toes. The key is breaking them in before wearing them on an actual night out.

Great Party Shoes

Though you might want your favourite pair of blue stilettos for a night out, save them for casual occasions when you can wear whatever you like with them. If you’re going somewhere dressier, opt for black heels—they’ll go with any outfit, and won’t take away from your look if they don’t match. 

If you absolutely have to have some shoes that are a different colour than your outfit, get something bright and colourful in a textured material—it will be easier to match it up later on if necessary. Try patent leather or snakeskin, since they come in just about every shade imaginable.

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Boots – For Every Occasion!

Fall and winter are full of weather extremes, and when it comes to your feet, that often means boots. Whether you prefer over-the-knee combat boots or ankle booties, there’s a pair for every occasion. But how do you know which style is right for you? It all depends on what you’re wearing! 

So if you’re in need of new shoes but can’t figure out what your current wardrobe needs—or don’t know where to start looking—we’ve got some foot fashion tips for every season. It’s time to dust off those boots and get ready for autumn!

Which One is Right for Me?

When you think about it, there are three main factors that go into selecting a shoe. First, there’s a function: how will you be using it? Second, there’s style: how do you want to look while wearing it? And third, there’s safety and comfort. 

For some people, shoes come first, and they spend most of their money on those; for others, clothing comes first and they pay more attention to a shoestring budget; for most of us style is at least as important as any other factor so we have to pick one or another in priority order—but now that we’ve set our priorities straight we can narrow down our selection from there. Each style has its own virtues and weaknesses. Let’s look at them in detail below.

Style Tips That Last All Year Long

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is; we’re always looking for new styles. However, now that it’s officially spring, you may have noticed something different about yourself – your shopping habits have changed. When temperatures drop and snow starts falling, your focus shifts towards keeping warm; boots dominate your wardrobe and jeans are a must. Come spring, however, things change drastically; warmer weather has you craving bright colours and style trends become a little breezier (pun intended). 

If you’re thinking about refreshing your closet for summer but aren’t sure where to start shopping or how much cash you should be dropping on clothes that you may only wear for a month or two at most, think about these style tips before hitting stores. They’ll help you figure out what to buy when to buy it and how much money you should spend.


People often forget about their feet when it comes to their outfits. The most important part of any outfit is your footwear and without a good pair, you might be unable to pull off your look at all. 

Being comfortable would be the best choice for anyone who is always on the run which is why The Dough Store has been providing the best sneakers outlet across Australia. It’s worth putting some time into finding a pair that really suits you – but that doesn’t mean shopping endlessly or spending lots of money. Instead, think about what occasions you need new shoes for, and check out our favourite places for great footwear without breaking your budget. We won’t tell anyone how quickly we got through them.