How to Plan a Paddle Boarding Holiday

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Whether you a veteran boarder or are new to paddle boarding, you may have considered going on a paddle boarding holiday to enjoy a few days or weeks of uninterrupted time on the water. If you are tempted by this, but don’t know how to plan everything, read on.

Choose the Location Carefully

It is important to choose the location very carefully when you are planning a paddle boarding holiday. Of course, it probably goes without saying that you will need to choose somewhere with plenty of water. However, you should also consider carefully what kind of water you want to board on.

Depending on your level of skill and whether you are looking for a relaxing or a more adventurous trip, you can choose lakes, lagoons, the ocean, canals, rivers, or somewhere with a variety of these. Wherever you choose, make sure that the water is safe, and you are permitted to board there.

Invest in the Right Equipment

When planning a paddle boarding trip, it is essential to have the equipment needed to enjoy the sport. Apart from the obvious board, you will also need paddles, a leash, an effective buoyancy aid, and the ideal clothing. You may even want to consider investing in waterproofs or a wetsuit.

As well as the equipment needed for the sport, you will also need other supplies for the vacation. This means any food and provisions you will need, as well as changes of clothing and any other travel essentials.

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Book the Ideal Accommodation

Choosing the right accommodation is especially important when you have a lot of equipment. You may be able to store your board, paddles, and other equipment in your car, but this may not be the case. If you do not have a car or space to park, you may want to choose accommodation that has somewhere where you can store your equipment. 

You should also choose accommodation that is close to the boarding spots that you want to visit. If you are struggling to find the right accommodation, you may you want to consider camping instead of booking a traditional hotel.

Plan Other Activities

Even though you are planning a paddle boarding holiday, you probably won’t be spending every second of the trip boarding. It is important to make sure you have fun activities to do during the times you aren’t boarding. 

If you want to enjoy a few home comforts back at the hotel, make sure you choose accommodation with a good Wi-Fi connection. Many paddle board enthusiasts are also fans of other sports, so whether you want to watch the Mets game or check out the latest Unibet racing odds, a stable and fast connection is important.

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Invite the Right People

One of the most important factors in having a fun holiday is inviting the right people. For a paddle boarding holiday it is usually best to invite other boarders who will enjoy the sport with you. 

If you can’t find the right people, don’t be afraid to take a solo trip—enjoying your favorite hobby without distraction from others can actually be extremely satisfying!