How to prepare an attractive resume?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Before moving on to what a CV should be, you need to understand what a CV means or what it does. Preparing a CV means putting some information about you on paper. This specific information may include your education, certifications, achievements and excellent traits that will set you apart from others. You don’t have to be an expert in the field to get the perfect CV, the ResumeGets service will put together your perfect CV for you instead!


The first thing you need to do to prepare a great CV is to know where to start. You can write your date of birth and place of birth. However, writing information such as primary school or secondary school will cause your CV to be filled with unnecessary information. For this reason, you should include information on your resume that will benefit you.


If you went to a secondary school that will put you forward, it is helpful to add your secondary school to your CV. If you have a good GPA, you can add a noteworthy feature by adding your high school graduation mark. Be sure to include your high school education. At this stage, explaining this education along two general lines will make a positive contribution for you. The first of these consists of details such as your progress in subjects throughout your education, your grade point average. If you have achievements that will set you apart from your competitors, such as first place in a department, you should put them neatly on your CV.

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Community service

The other part of your university record should include highlights such as your community service activities, events in which you have participated, certificates and certificates of merit. For example, having a computer science certificate means you have an entrepreneurial streak. At the same time, you are proving your knowledge of computer technology. Be sure to look at sample resumes.

Information about your personal strengths

After adding your educational background to your resume, it will be helpful to mention your personal outstanding qualities. These include statements such as “I demonstrate an attitude in favour of discipline in business life” which defines your outlook on business life and your position in the work environment. This information should be placed in your CV in the clearest possible terms.

The above information is among the prerequisites for having a great CV. You should put this information into your resume in the right proportion when you are writing it. In the continuation of our article, we would like to cover all the points of making a great CV by sharing details such as the paper layout and font size of your CV.

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Resume format and size

Writing your resume in a computer environment will ensure that you are comfortable in terms of readability of the text. The first thing you should pay attention to is that your CV should not be too long. The time taken to review resumes for job interviews is on average 2 minutes or so. For this reason, a ped CV will not give you an advantage. On the contrary, it causes very important information you provide to go unnoticed during the review. The recommended length of a CV should be around 250 words on average.

If you are writing your CV in a computer environment, a font size of 12 points is ideal for easy reading. Don’t forget that you need to use the margins of your CV correctly. You should refrain from work such as decorating, drawing or writing. You should choose the words you use well and make sure there are no irregularities in expression. You should express what you want to express in the shortest possible sentences and avoid long and lengthy sentences.

When you write your CV, you will prepare a professional CV by adding the phrase “I can prepare a detailed CV if you wish” in the last paragraph. Don’t forget that you should definitely add your contact information at the bottom of your CV. Not adding your contact information to your CV is among the mistakes and is an obstacle to a perfect CV.